By Eric Jones

Found this link on another blog.

It’s a link to a CFX which will allow you to generate CAPTCHA’s for your website. What’s a CAPTCHA you ask? It’s those cool images which have text and a crazy background which is readable by humans (well most of us anyhow) and hard (not impossible) for computers (ie spam bots) to read and decipher.

It’s primarily used in conjunction with a login script, or a sign-up script to prevent people from automating sign-up’s or generating a ton of false accounts etc.

Learn more about CAPTCHA here.

  • The problem with CAPTCHAs is that they impose a usability and accessibility penalty on genuine users, while doing nothing to stop determined spammers. Have you heard about the free porn trick? Spammers set up a script which takes CAPTCHA challenges and re-serves them on porn sites – solve the CAPTCHA, get free porn. They thus turn millions of purvy surfers in to a massive distributed CAPTCHA cracking system.

    Of course, that’s assuming your CAPTCHA system isn’t week enough to be crackable using OCR anyway (a surprisingly large amount are).

    Matt May has some excellent coverage of this topic here:

  • cyngon

    …as blind Internet users across the globe simultaneously rejoice.

    Or not.

    There’s got to be a better way to solve this problem than captchas.

  • Tere is a CFC solution for generating CAPTCHA images. It is called Painted Word CFC and I’m pretty sure it requires CFMX 6.1.

    Painted Word CFC:

    That site is in Italian so you may want to use Google’s language services for tranlsation.

    For a live demo of Painted Word CFC:

  • Anonymous
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