Google’s New Search Layout

Google, in the wake of their Google+ testing phase, have also been rolling out other Interface changes, namely within the search results.

Game Changing AdWords?

By now, almost every user will have the black bar that spans the page width across the top. Aside from some basic color changes to the Advanced Search menu on the left hand side, there’s one enormous change that is likely to impact hundreds of thousands of businesses.

In not only the search results, but the AdSense displayed on the top or right of the page, the URL has been moved to under the Anchor Text. We can only speculate that they have been testing this on a limited number of people for some time, and furthermore can only imagine how it will impact clickthrough rates for people using AdSense.

Also worthy of mention is the Google logo, search box and magnifying glass button are now in a light grey area.

How do you feel about these changes? What do you think will be the impact on organic search results and clickthroughs?