By Aaron Osteraas

Google’s New Search Layout

By Aaron Osteraas

Google, in the wake of their Google+ testing phase, have also been rolling out other Interface changes, namely within the search results.

Game Changing AdWords?

By now, almost every user will have the black bar that spans the page width across the top. Aside from some basic color changes to the Advanced Search menu on the left hand side, there’s one enormous change that is likely to impact hundreds of thousands of businesses.


In not only the search results, but the AdSense displayed on the top or right of the page, the URL has been moved to under the Anchor Text. We can only speculate that they have been testing this on a limited number of people for some time, and furthermore can only imagine how it will impact clickthrough rates for people using AdSense.

Also worthy of mention is the Google logo, search box and magnifying glass button are now in a light grey area.

How do you feel about these changes? What do you think will be the impact on organic search results and clickthroughs?

  • Reckon Google have tested the hell out of this before deploying. I’m sure it’s all about more clicks (and revenue) from AdWords :)

  • I’ve been seeing this for 2 days now(though I would rather prefer to be put on the list of Google+) – and it is different now than any time before! For some queries on the search engine you won’t even see any ads / adsense at all. That’s cool (from the user’s point of view)!

  • I for one like the overall design, But i have 1 issue with this design i have 15″ laptop its really became hard to read the URLs

  • Its really cool.its light and appeal to eyes.i love it

  • Anonymous

    It looks clean, stylish and cool. I love it. +1 for Google.

    (sorry for this double post… for some reason this post got automatically submitted.)

  • Anonymous

    It looks clean, stylish and cool. I love it. +1 for Google.

  • Evan Stewart

    I’ve been waiting for this post. I knew SitePoint would have to say something about the redesign.

    The design sure looks clean. However, something about the cleanliness bugs me. Maybe is to too minimal…heck, Google has always be minimal. Yet, I do like the black bar over the grey box…something very appealing about this combination.

  • Greg Robson

    It looks clean and consistent. I can only think that Google are trying to position themselves with a more coherent brand to perhaps target the threat of Office 365. I think they want more people to notice (and use) the other Google Apps.

  • I love it. Easily the biggest visual change to Google since, well forever…

  • Tribhuvan Sapia

    Quite minimalistic and much more coherent than earlier, nice touch with the colored heads overall I kinda like it +1 for google

  • I think it looks very clean, chic, modern and functional. I’m very impressed.

  • Google has finally appreciated the presence of colors and fonts in the user interface design. Current UI changes have certainly boost their search results look and feel. I am still not sure why have they used relatively bigger size button as Search button? There is no text on the button, are they trying to align with underneath Advanced Search text?

    Overall changes look quite cool.

  • Ümit Haz

    I liked the black bar and new page design.I think the new page is very useful and easy.

  • Definitely like the new look, the only thing that bugs me slightly is not having a quick ‘Sign Out’ button. Maybe I’m missing it or you can change your settings to show this (I know it’s in the dropdown but come on, I want a one click sign out button Google)

    On a slightly related not did anyone notice the change to the mobile version update that runs on iPhones? I like the new icons along the top, should help people with searching specific items.

    However, there’s still an issue with the search box, when you type something longer than the field and go in to edit it’s difficult you find the end of the line and you sometimes have to retype the full phrase.

    Another minor point, overall I like the update. I just hope they don’t do much more, I’ve always liked the minimal look in the search results.

  • Anonymous

    This just goes to show that you can communicate critical design elements clearly and cleanly to the user without delving into detailed graphical endeavors or complex frameworks. Subtle splashes of color can be simple tools to block off a presentation into things like content and function and other aspects, even for a minimalist site like Google. A very welcome change from the stark white expanse.

  • “[…] the URL has been moved to under the Anchor Text.”

    This is what I have a hard time with. The URL is for me the defining thing to decide whether I’m going to click on said search result. I feel I spend more time scanning search results up and down now than earlier. Maybe it will grow on me in time, but as for the last few days it has been an unplesant experience, making me consider using other search engines.

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