Google To Launch Venture Capital Fund

By James Thomson

Google is currently working on setting up its own venture capital investment arm, according to a report on PaidContent.org.

The web search giant already has its own non-profit foundation to try and make a contribution to solving the world’s problems, but it reportedly now has senior vice-president David Drummond working on creating a more profit-focused VC fund.

Google won’t be the first media company to set up its own VC arm — the likes of Intel, Time Warner and Disney each have their own venture capital offshoots.

But given the massive resources the company would be able to muster, and its insight into technological trends, a Google-backed VC firm would be sure to make a huge impact on the early stage investment market.

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  • Win Z

    WOW!! :D

    That’s something really awesome to look forward to :D

    Also having the backup of someone like Google, would totally change the strength of the company =)

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