Google testing Adsense for feeds

Google and Yahoo have both tested advertising in RSS news feeds. Google’s program, Adsense for feeds, is open for applications during the beta period. Google has also published a document describing best practices for Adsense publishers participating in the program.

I’d love to hear from any publishers who are participating, or have applied to participate, in this program. In particular, how you feel about some of Google’s “best practices,” such as publishing the full text of articles in your feed. Is it more effective to publish a full article in the feed (with ads in the article), or to publish content summaries as a ‘teaser’ to bring visitors to your website?

I’m sure we can expect programs like Adsense for feeds to grow substantially over the coming months, since RSS/Atom/etc. feeds represent a largely untapped channel, and companies like Google and Yahoo are eager to expand the available inventory for their contextual advertising programs.

Syndicated feeds are also a nice method for sites to distribute fresh content and build link popularity for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, although few search engine marketers have really grabbed hold of this concept at this point. It’s only a matter of time, though. If press releases are this year’s false savior for SEO, I’m sure that RSS can’t be far behind.