Google Shuts Down Arbitrage and MFA Publishers

Chrispian Burks

I talked about Making Money With Arbitrage in my last post and I touched on the fact that some people may see it as “shady”. Like it or not, arbitrage has a negative stigma. Based on the comments on my last post we have people on both sides of it. But it looks like the most important opinion is out in the open: Google’s opinion.

Unless you’ve been in a cave the last day or so, you’ve probably noticed the amount of talk on Google’s decision to disable publisher accounts of those who are engaged in arbitrage and MFA (made for Adsense). They seem to be going after the bigger fish in this market and accounts have already been shut down and given notice that by June 1st their accounts till be terminated. Though they are going to pay these publishers as per their agreement this sends a loud and clear message: Adsense Arbitrage and MFA sites are not ok according to Google. So if it wasn’t clear before, it is now.

If other PPC providers don’t follow suit it could mean more money for them as these sites shift to using those providers. On the Google Asense side it could mean more dollars in normal publishers pockets as advertising money isn’t being quickly gobbled up by highly optimized arbitrage and MFA sites.

What do you think about Google’s decision?

H/T to Matthew for the link.