By Craig Buckler

Google Release Chrome 5.0

By Craig Buckler

It may only have been in beta for a few weeks, but Chrome 5 was released this week. It’s also the first version to be available simultaneously on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.Google is eager to demonstrate the speed improvements. For example, since version 1.0, there’s been a 305% improvement in JavaScript speed according to the SunSpider benchmark:Chrome SunSpider benchmarkand a 213% improvement according to the V8 benchmark:Chrome V8 benchmarkThese figures rarely mean anything to most people, so Google has produced a video which demonstrates the browser’s speed in comparison with a potato gun, the speed of sound and lightning. Yes, seriously:

(Don’t you wish your company had this much time and money to waste?!)As well as speed, Google has addressed various bugs and 6 vulnerabilities (two were rated as a high-risk). It’s also possible to use extensions in incognito mode.The features mentioned in my post about the beta have made it into the final build with the exception of the integrated Flash Player. Google Product Manager Brian Rakowski has stated that it will be included when Adobe release the final version of Flash Player 10.1.Chrome 5 can be download for Windows, Mac OS and Linux at Existing users can update by clicking the Tools icon, choosing About Google Chrome and clicking the Update button.An automated update will occur shortly, but what if you don’t want to update just yet? Coming soon on … How to Disable Google Chrome Updates.Do you have Google Chrome 5 installed? Is it better? Is it faster? Has it become your default browser?

  • juliannicholls

    Chrome has been my default browser both at work and home for a couple of months now.

  • Count me in the “very annoyed” crowd. (Hopefully I’m not alone here.)

    Pinned tabs now NEVER close for me; tabs that I close will RANDOMLY still be open next time I open the browser, even if they were closed long ago; my JavaScript blacklist was totally broken for everything I used a *-wildcard in; no SSL certificate is valid anymore according to Chrome; and most importantly I can no longer pin a tab just by dragging it to the left. I probably have other complaints that I’ve forgotten about for now. Oh, and the pulsating favicons when an AJAX call happens in the background is extremely distracting when it happens every 10 seconds in a tab you must have open.

    What happened at Google? Are their QA team drunk? Usually I love Google but right now I’m very annoyed and back to using Firefox until everything above is fixed.

  • Manuel V.

    Speed isn’t everything. There is one feature missing from this browser that keeps me (and lots others) from making it my default browser, a bookmarks sidebar. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but when you have lots of bookmarks a sidebar is a must.
    So until the developers realize this Chrome will remain a very fast second browser.

  • Jim


  • SpacePhoenix

    It seems to be slower then it used to be, Firefox seems just as quick (a little quicker on some pages). Accessing of extention features is a bit slower as an extra click is needed

  • Ulyses

    I’ve went into Google-mania almost a year now.

    First, I enjoyed Firefox. It sure was funny with it’s tabs (previously I’ve used only IE, mandatory in my line of work).

    I don’t use many add-ons or whatever so now I don’t miss Firefox. Customization is good, but then, you get bored quickly.

    But Google as win me over. I must say, there is room for improvement, but it’s my default choice when not at work. v5 brings a few adjustments but overall it’s the same spot-on interface.

  • I’ve got v5 installed and have been using it a bit lately but there’s a couple of things about it that I’m not a fan of: one the bookmarks issue that Manuel mentioned, but also it’s session management which isn’t as good as Opera, Firefox or Safari (with Glims). I don’t want to have to remember to save sessions, I just want the browser to reopen the tabs I had open when it closed, and I haven’t found an extension that really does that.

    • Steve

      In Chrome Options, it allows you to set it to open all the previous pages from the previous session. Or is that just in Chrome 4 ?

  • carl

    I love the tags in Firefox bookmarks. As far as I know no other browser has that feature.

  • Henrik Blunck

    One thing that does annoy me is Chrome constantly offering me to translate pages I visit. I live in Denmark (and have a Danish windows installation), but I do visit both German, French and English sites. Each time a new page is loaded it offers me to translate it.
    Will be looking at adapting functionality later today, but it was – at least – a quick first impression because I agree: speed isn’t everything.
    It will take quite a bit for me to change my current browser Firefox into any other program. :-)

  • Several tabs of Techcrunch articles will slowly bring Chrome to a halt. Youtube tabs do the same thing it just takes longer. I have used it as my default for months. “HTML5 video” at YouTube, synced bookmarks, my perceived future tie in with Google Docs/Google Apps for Business and the impression that Google is in a better position to understand overall end user needs and wants because of Google search data.

  • I’m using Chrome 5 as my default browser.

    I haven’t noticed any difference in this latest update.

  • I recently started trying chrome, but not as my main browser.
    The first thing I miss, is the ability to set the default font to sans-serif … or is it there, somewhere?

  • I have not seen any difference I have been using it since it was first released, I think its one of the better browsers better than IE by far.

  • huit

    Sorry, but the lightning is obviously faster. The speed of sound is variable, plus I doubt that the paint is traveling anywhere near Mach 1. The potato exits the “gun” and completely passes through the grate (which would slow it down) before the browser loads. Their argument is obviously faulty! But I did enjoy the visuals. :P

  • Anonymous

    This video about Google Chrome’s 5.0 speed is incredible. I got started with google chrome as soon as I discovered it, and this video sure does not lie.

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