Google Reassures AdSense Publishers via Email

By Josh Catone
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Google sent out a letter to AdSense publishers this afternoon reassuring them that during these times of “economic turmoil,” Google is working to boost publisher revenue.

Among the things that Google says they’re working on:

  1. Better AdSense for search
  2. Integration of DoubleClick tech into AdSense
  3. Improved ability for AdWords advertisers to target content network

The letter is rather light on specifics, so we have two questions for readers:

1. Have you noticed a drop in AdSense revenue since the world financial markets started tanking last month?
2. Does Google’s letter reassure you?

The full text of the letter is below:

Dear Publisher,

We understand that the recent economic turmoil has created a lot of uncertainty in the lives of AdSense publishers. During these difficult times, we’re continuing to invest in innovations that improve publisher monetization and advertiser value in the content network.

We’re focusing on further developing our product offerings and boosting ad performance for publishers. We recently announced advancements in AdSense for search and experiments to make ads more effective. We’re bringing DoubleClick technologies to AdSense publishers, and we’ll continue to launch new products and features. We’re also continuing to improve our offerings for AdWords advertisers, making it easier for them to target the Google content network. Features for advertisers, such as the new display ad builder, are designed to improve ad performance on AdSense publisher sites.

We’ll keep driving technological progress, but our best asset will always be our publisher partners. The strength of AdSense lies in the value of the content you bring to users and the quality of the sites you bring to advertisers. Our success is tied to yours. We look forward to partnering with you for the long term, and remain dedicated to helping you succeed.


Kim Scott
Director AdSense Online Sales & Operations

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • roosevelt

    Man, I was gonna post it but… you beat me to it.

    I guess, Google is having some problems or disappointed with the publishers performance.

    I am not quite sure, how the improved search or doubleclick will boost our earnings… because one way or another, it seems like google stopped sharing maximum revenues with the publishers.

  • comanche82

    I actually noticed that my AdSense clicks have gone up, but my AdSense revenue has gone down in the past 30 days. Some days are better than others. I bet that Google has a couple of guys sitting at their computers and deciding every morning on what percent of revenues should be given to the publishers. The letter from Google does not reassure me. If Google’s revenues go down from AdSense then they’ll probably just give us publishers less money per click to make up for it. Google always wins!

  • It seems like Google is becoming the
    MONSTER THAT Microsoft WAS.

    They pretty much have the market cornered.
    Funny what happens when companies think they are untouchable and try act as a MONOPOLISTIC BULLY.

    They want to know every thing about you through their toolbars and by tracking the searches that you do (in the name of better performance). But when it comes to them they want to keep you in the dark for everything, whether it is the earning guidance
    The percentage of revenue that they pass on to the publishers.
    The more they have the greedier they get.
    (That is the reason why Google doesn’t tell the payout percentage)
    and blame the revenue reduction on economy.

    To make things worse they cancel the publishers accounts at will (without any explanation) and in that case just keep the whole 100% of the revenue.


  • Anonymous

    My Adsense revenue is going down. However I live in Europe so the EUR/USD exchange rate change makes it hard to quantify the difference. Especially since my advertisers in Adwords are paying in Euro’s while I get paid in Dollars.

    I agree with webmaster5 that Google is getting to big. Because of the sudden death Google can penalize you with, it is not possible to make a single living from Google Adsense. Regardless of the amount of money coming in, you always have the risk of facing a ban. Offcourse you will get treated better if you get bigger but nevertheless the risk is there.

    I understand Google if they mostly work in name of the advertiser. Those guys are actually paying money to Google. We as publishers get paid by Google.

    Finally, if they really took the publisher seriously they should start helping them. For example by:
    1) make the interface better and more graphical.
    2) have the possiblity to group the reports, channels and Ad review center per website.
    3) instead of a ban of the entire account, evaluate each website separately. So if a guy with multiple websites breaks the TOS. Start with not showing ads on that site and give a message in the adsense dashboard.
    4) Make a helpdesk that actually communicates with people that have questions about using Adsense. For many it is a daunting task to find their way in the Adsense help center.

    And where the **** is the implemtation of the recent adsense in Analytics integration. I live in the Netherlands/EU and there is no change of communication whatsoever in this respect.

    All over the place I am reading about new features, metrics, etc regarding Analytics. In real life however, the dashboard got a little bit different look but for the rest everything works the same.

  • My account was disabled shortly after receiving this email.

  • roosevelt

    FYI, you will get better results with YPN. Well, at least, i did.

    Also, i was struggling with Adwords. Because the long phrase keywords weren’t really helping me, and I had to use the generic keywords. And as you can imagine, the bid prices are huge.

    So, I tried out Clicksor and it worked like charm.

    Since, Google already mentioned, economy is bad, yaada yaada, just try out some other company Chitika, Clicksor, YPN and see if their economy is going bad or not ;)

  • roosevelt Says:
    October 31st, 2008 at 11:18 pm

    FYI, you will get better results with YPN. Well, at least, i did.

    You might have gotten lucky w/ YPN but they take for ever since they are still in so called beta mode. I have applied 3 times already and have spoken to their reps at various trade shows and am still waiting to hear from them.

    I hear the only way right now to get in is by referral (the way Gmail originally used to be). I would really appreciate if it is possible for you send me a referral.

    I tried using various other sites like adengage (their payout stinks (about $3.00 in almost a year with $10.00 min payout)).

    In the mean time after getting fed up with all of them, I have recently started my own (ADBUGLE.COM). Even though it still lot of enhancements and I am still better off than risking / loosing 100s of $s at the whim of google (whenever they feel like) without even bothering to give you an explanation.

  • I am slowly phasing Adsense out and pushing in other networks. Most networks are horrible and full of junk, but there are useful ones out there (TribalFusion seems to be among the better). My income has dwindled but not died – gone from an average of $40/day last year to barely $15/day this month. It still pays for the server but profits are way down.

    BTW I did not receive the Adsense letter at all…been an Adsense publisher for years.

  • ionix5891

    Yes there has been a huge drop, from making over a grand a day to about 300$ day, very bad as thats same as my costs :(

  • Magneto

    *frowns, paces the floor*
    *frowns again*

  • janu

    its been 7 months now the google adsense revenue have gone down to 35-40% of what it used to be, and I dont see it going up by any means, the eCPM is dropped dramatically and I belive they have fixed the payouts, I mean like in adwords, they say “your spending will ot go higher than XX amount even if the the XXX goes up the daily budget” the same is happengin, Google has set the earning posints

    like site will not go higher than $500, so you will noticed $24 in one day and the second day it will go to $12 with smae amount of clicks.. google has started to suck…

  • roosevelt

    started? why do you think i left :p

  • We dont see any drop in the Adsense revenue. I guess it depends on what category your website is in..

  • Katinka

    I have not noticed a decline in income.

  • roosevelt

    I see. What category does your website belong to?

  • perpetual_dream

    A 20% decline in income here

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t noticed a decline really. Obviously the type of web sites you operate have a lot to do with this. Just like the stock market, you need to diversify. In a bad economy people are less likely to click on ads for new cars perhaps, or click on ads for expensive toys. With unemployment at an all time high, I bet the sites listing jobs are seeing an increase in traffic…

  • samba

    My revenue is way down since Sept-Oct. It was bringing in about $40 per month from my site ( no changes ) and it is now a dismal $13.00 for december and $16.00 for November.

    I think it’s time someone sold google stock short.. I would imagine revenue could be down by 40-50%… so much for the $500 stock.

  • samba

    >> The letter from Google does not reassure me. If Google’s revenues go downfrom AdSense then they’ll probably just give us publishers less money per click to make up for it. Google always wins!
    Google is scamming me.

    My account is at $99.70 today. Once it hits $100 I am pulling all google advertising and getting a new advertiser. This is a bunch of crap. I donate 50% of the money to Ron Paul’s anyways and the rest goes to pay for the server colo which I am now in the negative. I’d rather see google get zero and I get zero than to have them screw me over.
    Sell it short baby.. GOOG

  • “Google is scamming me.”

    Don’t worry you are not the only one- they are doing it to everyone – and their only excuse is they can (that is till we all start screaming – band up against them).

    I think even though their revenue might be down somewhat, however I think they are using this as an excuse to keep even a bigger share of revenue for themselves – since they don’t tell you what percentage of the revenue they give to you anyway.

    You follow this discussion @ also.