By Matt Mickiewicz

Godaddy DNS Outage Hits Millions of Sites

By Matt Mickiewicz, the largest domain name registrar in the world suffered a massive outage this weekend.

Multiple sources (here, here, here and here) have confirmed that Godaddy’s DNS servers went down for a period of several hours on Sunday, potentially because of the daylight savings time switch. In theory, every domain name registered with Godaddy was affected, representing one of the the largest single points of failure in Internet history.

So far, Godaddy hasn’t made any official comments about the reasons behind the outage except a short statement citing technical difficulties.

  • Anonymous


  • The outage may of any reason but the impact is more than tolerrable. Millions of websites got a narrow escape…

    Rethink the Matrix

  • Other sources deny that it had anything to do with DST and cite a massive DDoS attack (SYN flooding to an insufficiently protected service).

  • I agree, what does DST have to do with critical components of a DNS server?

  • WarpNacelle

    Sounds like GoDaddy wasn’t very vigilant concerning their own equipment, but it doesn’t look like it really had any significant effect on anything. My websites (not hosted by GoDaddy) were not effected at all.

  • RianVisser

    Mine was affected, but no sever troubles other than the sites being down for a few hours.

  • RianVisser

    Mine was affected, but no severe troubles other than the sites being down for a few hours.

  • If your site earns you a living, or creates revenue that allows you to pay for staff, even a few hours of downtime is very significant.

  • Brandon

    If your site “earns you a living, or creates revenue that allows you to pay for staff”, you should be willing to pay more than $3/mo for hosting.

    You get what you pay for… it applies to web hosting just like it applies to most everything else in life. The reason nobody really noticed, the reason this isn’t that big of a deal, is because no sites of any consequence are hosted by GoDaddy.

    It kind of reminds me of the old tree falling in the forest question… if every site hosted by GoDaddy goes offline for a day, would anyone notice? Apparently not. At least not for a few days. LOL.

  • I don’t think this was directly related to their web hosting services, Brandon, but to GoDaddy as a Domain Registrar, and there are plenty of websites that are registrered with GoDaddy that are not hosted by GoDaddy.

  • river

    Mine was down for a couple of hours , but there was a message on godaddy’s help section about a week before this happened explaining the servers were down for maintenance during sunday evening GMT !! i was ready for it.

    It only lasted about 2 hours but this was the highest traffic time for me GGrrrr

  • The DST effect *may* have had an influence given the workings of TTL and the recommended format of zone serial numbers. Godaddy may be running stealth primaries that feed the front line servers.

    What I noticed was that webmaster related traffic was way down during that time period. Guess they had bigger fires to fight.


  • A DNS server is for domains… This is not for websites hosted at, it’s for domains registered at

  • Jonny

    Hi i have the same problem today 06 August 2008 at 7:47 gmt -4. I can access my websites using a ip address. But not using the domain name. Apparently the DNS servers where my domains are hosted are down.

    My dedicated servers are working fine. But without the domain names they are unavailable for my visitors. So im losing some money here. I cant beleive this single point of failure at this time.!!!!

  • gordonrp

    ^ at above poster, I can’t believe that you don’t have secondary and tertiary DNS setup!

  • Big Slick Design

    I can only hope this doesn’t happen to my site.

    I have registered via GoDaddy. We’ll see…

    Big Slick Design

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