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Go on a DIV Diet with CSS3 and John Allsopp

    Shayne Tilley

    Hot on the heels of our most popular course to date, HTML5 Live, John Allsopp strikes back with his sequel.

    CSS3 Live with John Allsopp

    John’s 15-lesson course to mastering CSS3 starts today, and you can join in for just $14.95. You can sign up now and secure your spot. Or perhaps you need more convincing …

    Why learn CSS3?

    CSS3 opens up a world of opportunity when it comes to the presentation of your website. You’ll be able to create pages that look great, and are no longer dependent on divs within divs, or a stack of unnecessary images.

    Can I actually use CSS3 now?

    This course will focus on the practical side of CSS3. So you’ll be learning stuff you can use right now.If you’re after more information, John shares with you in this video what to expect in CSS3 Live.

    So, why this course?

    SitePoint courses use a mix of videos, articles, practical exercises, Q&A sessions, and a private forum to help create the best visual classroom environment possible. We combine what’s great about learning in a classroom and merge it with the power of the Web, and believe it’s a great way to learn a new skill. But don’t take our word for—try it out for yourself.It all starts today, so make sure you don’t miss out! Sign up now.

    Note: Grab a double dose of HTML5 and CSS3—and save $5!

    John has just concluded his HTML5 Live course and it was a great success. But this doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. You can enroll in HTML5 Live right now and take the course in your own time. Although there’s no live Q&A, you’ll be able to watch a recording of the previous one, and you have access to the forum.If you sign up for both CSS3 Live and HTML5 Live, I’ll knock $5 off the price. That’s the two-week HTML5 course and the three-week CSS3 course—for only $19.90!Sign up for both courses now.