By SitePoint Offers

Giveaway: Win Tickets To The Oracle JavaOne Conference!

By SitePoint Offers

The Oracle JavaOne conference is right around the corner (October 25th-29th), and to get you pumped for the event, we’re giving away 40 free tickets! The conference, which is being held in San Francisco, is going to be part innovation, part exploration, and part celebration of Java’s 20 year history.

More Java Than Ever

Over 400 sessions are being offered this year, all taught by respective experts. If you want to explore a particular track, you can take the “Java and Security” track, “Emerging Languages” track, or one of the six other tracks. Or, you can explore by experience level or session type. Whatever your Java passion or pleasure, you can find it.


To celebrate Java’s 20th anniversary, Oracle executive and engineering experts will highlight memorable events that have taken place over the past 20 years, as well as forecast the future of Java. Using technical demonstrations, they’ll show how Java is, “…driving developer innovation, revolutionizing application development, and improving application services for the Internet of Things, enterprise architectures, and cloud computing.”

The Java Community keynote will celebrate the phenomenal 20 year history of Java, as well as use creative onstage demos to showcase the work of Java community gurus.

Java Hub

Get up close and personal with the latest Java innovations at the Java Hub.


Want to improve the future of Java? Stop by the Hackergarten and contribute to your favorite open source project.

Want to experience a hands-on demonstration of the power of Java technologies? Check out the MakerZone and see how Java is powering everything from game consoles to robots.

Want to see the intersection of Java and art? Don’t miss myMatrix, an interactive community project by media artist Wolf Nkole Helzle.


Want to see exactly how 3D modeling and printing work? Watch an exact clone of “Duke” be taken from “birth” all the way to 3D printing.

Want fresh coding tips from experienced developers? Don’t miss Nighthacking, where developers are interviewed and share coding tips.

Want a great cup of coffee? Grab a cup at the Oracle Technology Network Community Cafe, and chat with your baristas about anything Java related.


Java for Kids


Java isn’t just for adults! The JavaOne4Kids event wants to empower the next generation of programmers. With subjects like “Building An Arcade Game With Greenfoot” and “Minecraft Modding With Forge 1.8”, the event is a sure hit for young programmers. The event takes place Saturday, October 24th, and is geared for kids ages 10-18.

Duke’s Cafe

Duke’s Cafe is a great place to grab a bite to eat, hang with friends, and maybe do a bit of hacking. There will be entertainment Monday -Thursday, and plenty of time and space for networking. Duke’s is your home away from home during JavaOne.

How to Win

SitePoint is partnering with Oracle to give away FORTY free tickets to the conference. To win a ticket to the conference, leave a comment below telling us how you’ll convince your boss to give you the week off for the conference. The best answers win.

See you there!

Contest rules: Winners will be chosen at random from qualifying entries. Each winner will receive one ticket to the Oracle JavaOne conference in San Francisco, held on October 25 – 29 2015. Winners will be notified within 24 hours of the contest closing, via the email address in their Disqus profile. This contest is held by SitePoint Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne, Australia, and is subject to the relevant rules and regulations for contests held in Victoria, Australia.

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  • I will just go to my boss directly and ask him to give me week off because I want to go to JavaOne conference. And I am pretty sure he will allow me because he knows I love Java and by not giving me week off for such an event for which I got free ticket will certainly not make me happy

  • Rene Loperena

    Guess who is going out for vacations from Oct 24th to Oct 30th :)

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  • I used to work in the Java SE team at Sun, but didn’t make the leap over to Oracle. That means I used to go to every JavaOne. It’d sure be interesting to see what it’s like now that Oracle is firmly in charge.

  • It’s been too long since my last JavaOne (> 10 years)! Definitely excited about the prospect of returning for the immersive experience.

    I would convince my boss that it’s time to open a San Francisco office, and this is perfect opportunity to find the first couple hires.

  • Dinesh Arora

    I will go to my boss with the list of technical debt and outdated technologies that we are using. I will then point out all the issues that we facing currently ex- constant server restarts, issues integrating with third party tools, plugins & vendors(they all use cutting edge technology). Then I will ask him to go to JavaOne conference and learn about better way of doing things. Learn about how other developers and companies are solving the issues.

  • Sheena Douglas

    I would like to be apart of the event, I am a new Web Developer and I’m sure my company would support my going to this event

  • Teresa Jarzemkoski

    I’ll say “please.” AND “Thank You.”

  • Jimmy

    I’ve always wanted to go to the JavaOne event; I heard great things about it. Maybe this will be the year I’ll finally get to go. I just need to be clear with my boss about how I can learn new ideas to implement not only on our daily routine but also with some of our clients.

  • Olzhas Alexandrov

    Would be happy to go there as a student from TTU

  • Sumit

    Hmm.. I am convinced. so , where’s the ticket?

  • Ryan Cox

    With a free ticket, I’ll just say I’m going and my manager will say ok. Not many people on my team know Java at all, so he’ll be happy someone is up on the latest.

  • Ron Hall

    I would first start with coffee ebveryday (warming up to the concept of Java), Then I would ply hime wth chocoloate (invoking images of Gharadelli and henece Ghiradelli Square and hence San Franciso). Next I would put a large rock in my prison-grey cubicle to put in place connections to the rock. I wil then whistle Smiths tunes and quote random prophecies – if after all that he does not get it, then I will remind him wil all need training and say that San Fransico is as good a place as any to get it.

  • Joshua Drummond-Kaunert

    I’m my own boss. Convincing complete.

  • tthibaud

    The ROI is compelling. A small investment in my understanding of new Java techniques will yield huge returns for our teams as I proliferate this knowledge across the organization.

  • Aubrey

    I’d need to do more than just convince my boss to give me the week off, I’d need to convince him to get me some plane tickets from Cape Town to SanFran as well! But do so I will. It will take a lot of convincing. Coffee (nay, tea!) as he walks in, projects delivered on time (nay, *before* due date!), and some additional proactive bugfixing should do the trick. :-) Failing that, a bottle of Jack Daniels has never failed me. ;-)

  • It’s a good thing that I am no my own boss. People convincing me that Java is the way of the future is just about reason for me to attend this conference, and see “why” really

  • Christopher Kelly

    I would love to go to this conference!

  • manihew

    Javaone would be the best conference in improving the project productivity..

  • Alex

    My wife is my Boss,CEO,CFO -we are small company.She knows new knowledge bring more money to our Company,our Family for our children .Time in the conference is a time for our children ,for Her.

  • Gary Waddell

    I am the boss, so please, enjoy the conference, and don’t forget to bring back some goodies for the boss too :)

  • TaChyla

    I’m brand spanking new to coding and I just know this would be a eye opening introduction to Java!! Pick me!!

  • Lance Hudson

    I will tell my boss that a trip to SF and JavaOne is exactly why they hired me, and that it will be the first time I get to see them, since I’m a remote worker.

  • James Stoddard

    Eh, I’m a young contract developer, and I’ve saved up a few favors. So, since I’m convinced, it’s time to pull out some of those self-appreciation cards. =) Yes clients, features x, y and z CAN wait a few days.

  • Bronco_Buster

    “Hey Boss!”
    “I’m going to that JavaOne conference in the end of October”
    “Umm, ok. Will there be beer?”
    “Not sure, but I guess there are bars in SF”
    “Great! And bring back some cool freebies we can decorate our office with”

    This is how I ask my boss, myself, to go to the conference.

  • Alastair Le

    I will tell my boss it would help me evaluate Java’s solution and be abreasted on upcoming new Java’s technologies.

  • Kenneth Frohne

    If I tell my boss that he doesn’t have to pay, he would let me go just about anywhere! And, fortunately, I have weeks of unused vacation just waiting to be taken. Pick me! :-)

  • Laura Gurney

    Guess who won tickets you don’t have to pay for? And it’s relevant to what I’m teaching. Can I go? Can I, please???? Please???? (when you say yes, I’ll stop)…

  • Jon Savell

    me: “dude.”
    boss: “dude?”
    me: “dude.”
    boss: “dude!”
    me: “dude!”
    boss: “dude?!”
    me: “dude!”
    boss: “dude …”
    me: “dude.”

  • Jamie S

    It’s a professional development opportunity!

  • Steve Beard

    Hey Boss, let’s go take that Pebble Beach golf trip we’ve talked about in October…my treat. And while we’re there, I’ll be going to a little work meeting in San Francisco if that’s ok…

  • Jorge Betancourt

    Usually convincing my boss to let me go to the conference will be challenging if is wasn’t a conference about Java so I’m almost sold on this side. Since we use several Java projects in our projects the knowledge acquired first handed in the conference will be priceless.

  • Kevin Ng

    me: “Hey boss, I’m going to JavaOne”
    boss: “OK”

    coz my boss is awesome like that

  • Sai Hegde

    Let’s go get some JAVA

  • Blithe Brandon

    Who could possibly say no to JavaOne?

  • Dragos-Paul Pop

    Wow, wow, wow!!!!111

  • David Lattimer II

    Yaay unemployment

  • Saptak Sen

    I want a ticket

  • Shalini Bhandari

    me:’ Neel (let’s assume it’s my manager’s name), I’m taking few days off to attend the JavaOne conference. Since we’ll be in code freeze at that time, development productivity won’t be affected..and I am always reachable on phone/email in any case .. Maybe why not join me? you might get to see some cool demos! ‘

  • Torben Espersen

    My wife is the boss, so I’ll give her an extra kiss and tell her that she can come with me to SF ;-)

  • Mark

    Because working in a dying industry (print graphics for junk mail political flyers and other garbage) is a dead end and I seriously need to get more involved in web and programming, or we’ll all be unemployed soon.

  • Robert M

    Boss guess what? I’m going to improve my knowledge in the technology that we need and you will pay just for hotels and meals, the rest is on me… :)

  • Me: “Knock-Knock”
    Boss: “Who’s There?”
    [very long pause…]
    Me: “Java”
    Me: “So can I go to Oracle JavaOne?”
    Boss: “If Java is the answer, it must have been a really verbose question.”

  • I work for myself, so the conversation will be something like this:
    me: You remember JavaOne?
    Me: Yep.
    me: Didn’t you used to go to JavaOne?
    Me: Yes, several times, but that was some time ago.
    me: You want to go this year?
    Me: Sounds like a great idea!
    me: Why are all these people looking at you?
    Me: Maybe because I’m talking to myself, and I don’t have a bluetooth earphone.

  • Pratyusha Ghosh

    I can convince him by working remotely for few hours. JavaOne is the biggest Java event and I will tell him about the value adds and learning & exposure that the conference brings and that I can bring that value over to him by attending it.

  • Timothy Harrington

    I’d tell my bosses that I’ll be using my personal vacation time to attend the conference to further our company’s employees java expertise and knowledge. I bet they would take me pretty seriously giving up PTO. And, of course, I’d still be available to deal with any issues that came up while away (at least anything that can be done remotely!).

  • Eric Nathan

    Boss. You know how you steal all my knowledge and pass it as your own? Send me away and you will be looking brighter than before. Two raises for you. None for me. I promise to keep the plastic employee of the year cup that I and 26 others get for Xmas every year. Love you man.

  • cwageman

    Justifying JavaOne will be easy once the ticket is free, I will just offer up covering for travel.

  • Pratyusha Ghosh

    I can convince by boss by working remotely for few hours. JavaOne is the
    biggest Java event and I will tell him about the value adds and learning
    & exposure that the conference brings and that I can bring that
    value over to him by attending it.

  • Swan Htet Aung

    Awesome opportunity.

  • Ahmath Bamba MBACKE

    Dear boss, as You are reading the présent email and also taking a slip of that hot bevarage You may have found on your desktop, I think I may have an important news for the futur or our department. A way to improve the opportunities we provide to out clients, and by the same way enhance the professional relationship with our partners and within the staff has appeared without any cost for the company.
    I know it seems tricky to such an experienced manager but I am sure that the following lines may convice you just thanks to that intellect and experience of yours.
    By the way, their is also a new wireless mouse box at the left on your desktop in case you didn’t notice: I have noticed how important to you is the productivity in your daily tasks and hope This may help…
    So actually I intend to sacrifice my holidays for the better good of the company by a participation to the javaone through which all the necessary communication around the services we provide to get some new clients and collaborators can be done in few days with the same impact of a whole year marketing action with a minimum price. All the big companies and best developpers worldwide will be attending to discover the best technologie has to offer: And we are the bests arent we ?!
    My travel report will be also a good way to have a fresh survey of the actual java developements and a good way to inform our developpers of trends in our field without further investment …
    And more over I promess to take your dog out for 2 months, leaving You some more time to document your self or get some off time ( 1 week mission for a 2 months job is quite a Nice offer isnt it ?!)
    By the way, to even make it costless for the company I have some Nice surprise ( not talking about caramels under your keyboard): I ve been offered free tickets to attend the conférence after participating to a harsh online compétition with thousand competitors !!
    Ain’t it great !!!
    So dear manager, let me express my deepest thanks for accepting to let me attend to that conférence from oct 24th to oct 30th at no cost for the company…
    ( A copy of a prefilled authorization form can ne found within the mouse box needing Just a small signature …)

  • Reza Haghighi

    I ‘ve just moved here in the US, So it is really amazing if I attend to this event. Although I do not have any boss at the moment, I know any good boss want to not only elevate his employees knowledge but also increase their satisfaction, especially in such a high level conference.

  • Samarpan Raj

    take me in for this event..i want to learn new things about java and i want to be part of JavaOne

  • Justin Sweely

    Hey boss, Could I get the week of Oct 25 – Oct 29 off? I’ll bring you back some awesome local San Fran Brewskis. Yeah? Sweet, Thanks!

  • William Tranmer

    Plan A:
    Phase 1. Prep
    Beginning the week before I ask for the time off, I will begin to leave subtle hints around the office. I shall take his copy of “Look” magazine, open it to the middle, and insert a flyer of the JavaOne conference so that he will be cleverly trapped into reading a JavaOne sales pitch. Then, I will make comments at lunch. Not too obvious – just the right conference hints, such as “Rick says he saw some grizzly bugs over by Pulaski’s candy store site.” Hopefully, I won’t be overplaying my hand.
    Phase 2. The ask
    Now, having my infinitely subtle devices implanted in his mind, I shall approach him to ask for the time off. I will begin by laying out all the educational …. ah, who am I kidding, I’m just gonna blurt it out – “I want an official JavaOne Conference action 200+ session range model air rifle… I mean time off.”
    Phase 3. The ROI
    Upon returning from JavaOne, having honed my skills at shooting down Black Bart’s nefarious bugs, I shall demonstrate the value of attendance. Faster code, reduced bugs, and this thing that tells time. He won’t have any choice but to foot the bill for my trip next year then ;)

    Plan B:

  • Gustavo Garnica

    As it was devised elsewhere: alright it is either training time to JavaOne or I walk, alright I take walking off the table …

  • Teretta L Willis-Lindsey

    I don’t have a boss but I would love my grandson to attend.

  • Clifford Allen

    Me: Hey **rity. I have some really exciting news for the team
    Boss: Oohh, what is it?
    Me: There is a JavaOne conference going on and some free tickets are there to win.
    Boss: (Excited) That’s great!! Let me let the team know about this.
    (Singing) I am sending this right now.
    (Just sent the email to the team).
    If you win, can you see about that Null Pointer Exception problem?

  • Boris

    Already planning to be in California. This would be icing on the cake.

  • Simplicio Gamboa III

    I can come and be on time! :-)

    Will help spread the word and thanks to Disqus/SitePoint/JavaOne.

  • Bob Cardenas

    “JavaOne. ‘Nuf said.” Then drop my mic and leave.

  • sankate

    Ah! Its that time of year….

  • Notch M

    I am my own boss.

  • How I will convince my Boss? Thats the ironic part, I’m the BOSS!

  • How I will convince my Boss? Thats the ironic part, I’m the BOSS!

  • Manuel

    Travelling to Oracle Java One conference is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I’ve never travelled to US and this event might change my future.

  • Manuel

    Travelling to Oracle Java One conference is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I’ve never travelled to US and this event might change my future.

  • Karl-König Königsson

    This one is easy: I just went from contractor to employee, thus saving the boss heaps of money. The plan is to point out that there is therefore a margin that I logically should be entitled to 50% of, and by instead offering to go to Java One on a payed conference fee my chutzpah will pay off and he will pay for the flight and lodging. QED.

  • Karl-König Königsson

    This one is easy: I just went from contractor to employee, thus saving the boss heaps of money. The plan is to point out that there is therefore a margin that I logically should be entitled to 50% of, and by instead offering to go to Java One on a payed conference fee my chutzpah will pay off and he will pay for the flight and lodging. QED.

  • Sergio Bilello

    public class WinTicket {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
    System.out.println(“The winner is Sergio Bilello”);

    // easy guys! :D

  • De Jan

    JavaOne looks it will be more fun then before :) #mememe

  • Those building their own startups have a good chance at this! No need to convince any boss! Just do it!!

  • Michael Cambianica

    To avoid public slander and incrimination I have left some fields blank in Madlib form for my resignation letter.

    Dear (Preferred Boss and Respected Deity of Choice),

    I realized something very _____ (adjective) today as I was washing my _____ (bodily region), and that something is this: You are a/an _____ (adverb) cruel _____ (personal expletive pronoun).

    Last night, after drinking seven shots of _____ (least favorite hard liquor) and snorting enough _____ to make _____ (politician) blush, it became clear: It really is them, and not me.

    I am the one who is completely _____ (helpless state of being) when it comes to the _____ (favorite color) personal relationships in my life, and yet, I share my innermost _____ (type of candy) with no one else on this _____ (adjective) planet … because they are all _____ (insulting adjective) _____ (extinct animals). I _____ (hate) them all, and I hope they meet a _____ (adjective) demise, choking on a platter of their own _____ (Applebee’s appetizer).

    This _____ (adjective) catharsis made me feel _____ (smiley emotion) and strangely alone, simultaneously. How can I connect with these _____ (herd animals) I am surrounded by on a daily basis? I am just so sick of _____ (synonym for “crying”) in the _____ (part of your house) every day … Maybe it would help if I shoved a fistful of _____ (vegetables) into my _____ (bodily orifice). It makes my heart _____ (verb) when I see the defeat in my parents’ _____ (body parts), and it becomes _____ (adverb) clear that they love the _____ (type of car) more than _____ (sibling’s name) … Maybe I should stab my _____ (genitalia) with a _____ (sharp object).

    Today I have decided to buy a _____ (noun), which will serve as a _____ (metaphor), and as a _____ (timeless adjective) symbol for the _____ (expletive)-faced servitude I am bound to in this life … no more in control than the most _____ (adjective)-minded of _____ (farm animals). I am trying desperately to _____ (“st_p”) myself from (active violent act) all of my co-workers … except _____ (person in the room). I’ve always wanted to _____ (forceful sexual act) him/her/it. I didn’t ask to be _____ (born).

    If reincarnation does exist, please leave me out of it.

    Thank you, you _____ (adjective expletive) _____ (racist slur).

    With all of my _____ (extremely volatile and oftentimes frightening emotion), I hope I am selected for this conference.

  • Endre Czirbesz

    boss = null;

  • Mitch Frazer

    He’s in Canada so I had to speak Canadian
    Me: I want to go to a java conference; Eh!
    Him: Will you learn anything; Eh!
    Me: Maybe; Eh!
    Him: OK; Eh!

  • broddr

    Easy, I’ll reschedule some vacation time — it’ll be worth it.

  • anand maurya

    I want to attend Java Conference to understand new technologies and how they have been uptaken by different application. I would like to attend the conference for couple of days and attend some fruitful session presented by different application developers. These sessions and information collected might be helpful to our team.

  • Brent Stains

    The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is not training them and keeping them.—Zig Ziglar

    Here’s to not being a long-term employee! ;-)

  • Brett Bonikowski

    I’m my own boss.
    Me: Hey, I have been given an amazing opportunity to travel to a Java Conference and a free ticket.
    Boss Me: Eh, maybe next year. Those are just silly scams. You probably didn’t win. He’s a Nigerian Prince, right?
    Me: No, just some nice developers from SitePoint.
    Boss Me: From Nigeria?
    Me: Well, one may be.
    Me: Here, tell you what, if I win, I’ll trade you my ACDC tickets.
    Boss Me: For real?
    Me: Hehe. Just kidding.
    Boss Me: You can’t go.
    Me: I’ll pack the bags.

  • The only question is if my Boss will come along or not.

  • Martha White

    This is probably the only chance I’ll ever have to actually get to JavaOne. Would be FABULOUS. Fingers crossed.

  • Hans

    I’m my own boss, we’re not exactly going to duke out whether I can go or not.

  • Diane Saia

    I ask myself: “Boss, Can we go to JavaOne? Yes! We can if we win this ticket!”

  • Lamaur Cheetum

    ʂ₥ǻṜť ⋐ℝÊщ™ ĤāСҞҼℝ5
    good luck wish i could attend

  • batye1

    I must attend resistance is futile I will be assimilated The Oracle JavaOne conference… No other way around :)

  • Edison Jimenez

    Dear boss,
    I’ll be at JavaOne thank you to SitePoint :)

  • Pavel Konecny

    I will go or say hello.

  • BOSS? Well, I am self-employed but the BOSS is still my wife! :)

    I believe some EXTRA buttering up with dinner out and flowers…

    Yes, that may work! Though I suspect she’d want her own holiday!

    So I’ll attend that and present her with some well deserved vacation time (as my convincing line, she’d enjoy warm sunny weather verses the COLD arctic snow we’ll be getting soon here in northern BC, Canada).

  • Pramod Jadhav

    Hey Boss,
    If I win the JavaOne Conference Tickets, I will give Treat of Hot Java Software Programs in a Java Logo Cup. And Put Our Companies Innovative Ideas in Try Block, Catch weakness and Finally Increase Performance To Achieve Great Output. I will contribute an Community of experts always be in touch with them to mentor our Company Projects. So It’s an Golden Opportunity with Platinum Success Let Me Go and Give Week Off for Java One Conference.

  • noamkfir

    Me: Hey boss, there’s an amazing conference in October I’d like to go to.
    Boss: Sorry, can’t afford it. Recession, clients, work, blah blah blah.
    Me: It’s free.
    Boss: Interesting. But don’t you have commitments?
    Me: Nah, not really. I don’t do much around here usually.
    Boss: Okay. But how long is it?
    Me: 5 days.
    Boss: That’s a long time. Well, where is it?
    Me: San Fransisco.
    Boss: That’s pretty far away! Is it worth it? What’s it about?
    Me: Java!
    Boss: Java? Really? Can’t you find something better to do in five days in San Fransisco than talk about coffee?
    Me: Like what?
    Boss: Well, back in the day, when I’d visit San Fransisco, I used to [censored].
    Me: Hey, that’s an awesome idea, boss!
    Boss: No problem. Happy to help.
    Me: Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll bring you back some of the best Java I can find!

  • Dinesh Sharma

    Rob, I won two tickets for JavaOne conference. I want you to join me for conference.

    P.S. I will sponser my boss’s ticket.

  • Can A. MOGOL

    Yay free ticket to javaone!

  • mooduino

    I’ve worked hard all year, I think I deserve to go.

  • Java is Java ! The technology that really affects the global village. It’s like similar to linux that if you know how to execute it then it is one of the best language that help you code not for computers but for consumer products toooooooooooooooo !

  • I am my own boss, since I am self-employed. Therefore, I am already convinced to take a week off for the conference of Java One as I want to learn and discover more about Java!

  • Lee Theobald

    I’d simply point out to my boss how much valuable information I’d pick up. That and how much work everyone else will get done without me there to break things :)

  • Chuck Goddard

    Me: Boss, can I hang out in San Francisco for a week?
    Boss: sure
    (wins ticket)
    (goes to JavaOne)
    (loves it!)
    (shares everything he’s seen in a presentation to 100+ other engineers)

  • Alan Vaughn

    because I already live in SF so there is no travel expense required!

  • Bruno Gonçalves


    won random ass Java One contest online, i’ll be back soon

    p.s.: i was semi-drunk while participating, will be back with knowledge
    Please be aware of the time difference from Portugal haha!

  • Tomas Zelenkaitis

    ME: I know I am web developer, but I have ticket to javaOne conference, so let’s make a exchange, I will give this ticket for curious Java Developer and you give me one day off, deal?

  • Rob

    Boss AKA wife,
    What I think I say: “I am going to this conference and that is final.”
    What I actually say: “hey honey, so there is this really big conference and Petes wife said he could go and I pick up my underwear off the bathroom floor all week and I like it and I really wanna go so can I please??!??!?!?”

  • Christine Mukasa

    Dear Boss,

    RE: Oracle JavaOne conference in San Francisco, held on October 25 – 29 2015

    Oracle has organized an Oracle JavaOne conference due for (October 25th-29th), and they are giving away 40 free
    tickets to SitePoint readers and community members, of which I am one! The conference, will be held in San Francisco, and is going to be part innovation, part exploration, and part celebration of Java’s 20 year history.

    Sir, this is an opportunity for me to explore the different flavors of the topic and expand my Java knowledge base, especially from the interaction with the experts. There will be more than 400 sessions, all taught by respectiveexperts.

    What a great opportunity to be on the frontline where the future of Java is being forcast. Our company will be represented at the Oracle-Java conference; this placing us near to the source of the power to drive the developer innovation, revolutionizing application development, and improving internet based business.

    There also will be “The JavaOne4Kids” event, worth attending.

    I am kindly requesting that you will let me go and be part of that exciting and
    empowering conference.

    No worries because an air ticket will be provided, and a notification emailed will
    be sent in my email box for all the details.

    Thank you
    very much.

    Christine Juliet Acham.

    Your faithful worker.




  • Muaaz Saleem

    Why lie? I’m here for the tickets.

  • Zhong Brendan

    Right, sir. Nothing comes for free. Really. Take a chance on me. I’ll contract with you for the next five years. I’ll build a good team. Yes, you are right after all, nothing comes for free, but with smart work.

  • itsuka

    I’m not currently working! Wish to attend the conference to learn more about java.

  • Gann

    So I sat here and pondered the best response to this, then I read the rules.

    Contest rules: Winners will be chosen at random from qualifying entries.

    So maybe to qualify, you have to have an awesome response. Which is disappointing, because I just went ahead and got approval if I win. It went something like this.

    Me: “Hey boss”
    Boss: “What?”
    — Insert small talk and chit chat —
    Me: “What would it take for me to be able to go to Java One?”
    Boss: “If you can find a ticket and a way to get there, you can go”
    Me: “So if I won a free ticket?”
    Boss: “You better go”

    That was it, but he’s rather easy to convince to send you to a special conference to hone skills. This would be a great chance and could drastically improve me as we move towards micro services in our Java shop.

  • Rdarw Elite

    ʂ₥ǻṜť ⋐ℝÊщ™ ĤāСҞҼℝ5

  • Rdarw Elite

    I wish ….

  • Joe Detroit

    Hey Boss,

    Can I have a week off to advance my skill set and in turn reap you mucho dinero? What? You already laid me off 18 months back, replacing me with coders in Uzbekistan, and I’ve been working for peanuts as a freelancer ever since? Shucks, then I really need to power up my skill level in this hyper-competitive economy. But where am I gonna scrape up the bucks to buy one of those much desired tickets to the JavaOne Conference? Oh well, I guess I can always water down the baby’s Similac formula. Unless… Unless, SitePoint hits me up with a ticket! Ah no, that dream could never come true…

  • Edward Mamedov

    if sad()===true{

    int price = 0;

  • Steve Goodwin


    I will be missing in action in late October. Please use the automated feeder, litter box, and the pool for your liquid needs.

    p.s. I will bring you some fresh fish to make up for the void of human entertainment …

  • martin olivier

    I would ask him to let me go to San Francisco, because it’s the roots of the hippie’s mouvement. That I would like to dive into that fundamental 20th mind spirit. It would improve not only my Java skills but also my meditations and easy peasy ones. Furthermore it would let me bring some french products to some friends’expat who are craving for that. And I am pretty sure my boss would love that idea.

  • Cale’ Nicole DeLaura

    Dear Coston,

    I have been kidnapped…don’t send help. Just make sure my chihuahua Joy is taken care of.

    Good luck in life,

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