Giveaway Alert! Win a Microsoft Surface Book worth $1,499

By Reuben Acciano

Microsoft Surface

If you love something, get it free. Is that how the saying goes? It does now—we’re giving away the Microsoft Surface Book free to one lucky winner at SitePoint Shop!

If you can type your email address, you can enter the giveaway in about three seconds—just head over to SitePoint Shop, submit your email address, and you’re eligible to win. And if you have a few extra minutes on your hands, spread the love. Every time someone enters the giveaway using your referral link, you’ll get an extra entry for yourself.

If you’re the chosen one, you’ll get a Microsoft Surface Book sent right to your door. Yeah, you don’t even have to put on pants to get it. The laptop is as powerful as it is portable, weighing in at just over three pounds and running Windows 10 Pro. Detach the screen to use it as a tablet—the Surface Pen is included—or keep it attached to the keyboard for typing-heavy tasks. Either way, you’ll get incredible screen resolution and a 12-hour battery life that can keep up with you.

Head over to SitePoint Shop now to enter the Microsoft Surface Book giveaway for your chance to win!

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