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Get the Tech-Friendly Cocoon Innovations Backpack for $80

By SitePoint Offers

Tech backpack

Finding the right bag for all of our gear can be tricky. When we go for style, we can’t fit all of our laptop, chargers, and other gadgets. When we aim purely for function, we end up with a backpack that makes us look like we’re off to homeroom. Until now. Get the best of both worlds—the Cocoon Innovations tech backpack—for $79.99.

The Cocoon doesn’t just store all of your tech gear —it reinvents how it fits with the unique GRID-IT! system, keeping all of your gadgets, chargers, USB cords, headphones, and more neatly in their own compartment and not fusing together in a tangled mess at the bottom of your bag. And, of course, there’s room for a 16-inch laptop an an iPad, with dedicated compartments for each. And the stylish, waterproof nylon design keeps things sleek on the outside, and dry on the inside.

Get your gear in order and get the Cocoon Innovations tech backpack for $79.99 at the SitePoint Shop.

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