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Get MFi-Certified Storage for Your iOS Devices for $69

By SitePoint Offers



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You’re out of space on your iPhone and are forced to make a game-time decision before you can download the newest Tinder update: do you delete Grandma’s birthday video to make room, or that picture of kittens attacking Christmas trees? Now you don’t have to choose, thanks to the iSafe Drive Lite. Get it for $69 at SitePoint Shop.

The first-ever MFi-certified storage drive built just for iOS devices. You’ll have 32GB of data to work with—transfer your contacts, music, movies, and photos between your computer and your iOS devices instead of storing them in the cloud. AES 256 bit encryption will keep your data completely private.

Give yourself some space. Get the iSafe Drive Lite. Get it for $69 at SitePoint Shop.

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