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Get (and Stay) Organized and Productive with the Pagico 7 App

By SitePoint Offers
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Pagico 7 App

You want to get things done. The problem is, those things are scattered between Post-it notes, your Google calendar, the notes app on your phone, and a notebook at the office. Until now. Organize it all and get more done with the Pagico 7 app for $15.

Your workload and your day will get way more manageable when you have Pagico by your side. Dump your projects, tasks, contacts, and more into it and it’ll give you interactive flowcharts of ongoing projects (and your progress), group things in a way that makes sense in real life (like storing action items on top of meeting notes), and cross-link everything (so you don’t have to hunt down a phone number right before the conference call). And everything stay organized and browse-able with tags and collections.

Pagico 7 App

Whether you use it for yourself or for your entire team, you’ll be glad you traded your sticky notes for Pagico. Get it for $15 at SitePoint Shop.

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