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Get a Lifetime of Password Security for 3 Devices

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Writing them all down on a series of Post-its scattered throughout your office, home, and bag? A bad way to hold on to passwords. A lifetime subscription to Password Boss, on the other hand—a great way. And, right now, a discounted way. Get a lifetime subscription to Password Boss for three devices for $19.99 and save 86%.

Password Boss will store an unlimited number of passwords on up to three devices. Just remember a single master password, and the others will be composed of randomized character strings for max security. Set up a password on one device and it’ll sync to the others, even autofilling forms as you go. And for those accounts you share with family or a significant other—Netflix, Hulu, your cheese of the month subscription—you’ll be able to share certain passwords whenever you need to.

Get a lifetime subscription to Password Boss for three devices for $19.99 at SitePoint Shop.

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