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Get 2TB of Cloud Backup for Life from SkyHub for $50

By SitePoint Offers
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Get 2TB of cloud backup for life from SkyHub for $50

Shrugging and hoping for the best doesn’t count as a secure data storage solution. SkyHub cloud storage, on the other hand…well, we think the Wall Street Journal said it best when they called SkyHub “online file storage excellence.” Get 2TB of cloud backup for life for just $49.99 at SitePoint Shop.

This SkyHub deal gets you 2TB of automatic backup for your data on up to four devices, including your Mac, PC, iPhone and Android phones, and NAS or DAS external devices. Data stays super secure while still being available to you through the SkyHub dashboard, where you can view image previews, share files, and search for easy lookup. And if you’re wondering how secure SkyHub is, Canon, Epson, Harvard Library, Caldwell Banker, and Acer are just some of the companies that trust their servers.

Get 2TB of cloud backup for life from SkyHub for $49.99 at SitePoint Shop!

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