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Get 1,200+ Design Elements for $19

By SitePoint Offers



Free JavaScript Book!

Write powerful, clean and maintainable JavaScript.

RRP $11.95

Get 1,200+ design elements for $19

Whether you’re creating marketing materials for a client, working on your comic book side project, or designing your own greeting cards, we’ve got something that’ll save you a ton of time on any design project. Get the Mega Graphics Bundle for $19 at SitePoint Shop.

This valuable bundle usually goes for $1,325, so don’t miss your chance to grab it for 98% off. You’ll get 1,260 elements, all with an Extended License so you can use them again and again. Create greeting cards with the hundreds of love patterns and holiday elements. Choose from dozens of logo designs for your small business. Dress up fliers, business cards, and posters with colorful backgrounds and nature and weather elements. And work on your comic book with dozens of comic book elements and speech bubbles.

Save 98% on the Mega Graphics Bundle. Get it for $19 at SitePoint Shop.

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