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Get 12 WordPress Courses for $49

By SitePoint Offers

Get 12 WordPress courses for $49

Need an e-commerce platform so you can sell your artisanal freeze-dried kale? Want to turn your blog about cats wearing sweaters into a money-maker? Need to make a company website that’s so good your boss will think you’re a genius and immediately promote you? All of the above? Alright then—get the WordPress Wizard Bundle and get started. it’s just $49 at SitePoint Shop.

This 12-course bundle takes you through all the amazing things WordPress can do. You’ll learn how to build your own e-commerce site with features like PayPal integration. You’ll learn how to make money from affiliate programs, giveaways, and ads. You’ll master tools like Google Webmaster and Adsense, and learn how to increase search traffic and apply SEO techniques. And you’ll learn how to use all of the tools that’ll make your site look great—widgets, typography, icons, responsive sliders, and more. Best of all, you’ll learn it all in a hands-on way, building your own sites, and even buying a domain and setting up a hosting account.

Whatever your project, you make it happen with WordPress. Get the WordPress Wizard Bundle for $49 at SitePoint Shop.

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