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Get 11 All-Star Apps for Your Mac for $25

By SitePoint Offers

Get 11 all-star apps for your Mac for $25

Your Mac is due for an upgrade—and we’ve got something in mind that doesn’t require a new computer or even a visit to the Genius Bar. Get the 2016 All-Star Mac Bundle for $24.99.

This 11-app bundle is full of ways to make your Mac work better—and do more for you. It’s got productivity boosters like BusyCal 2, an award-winning calendar app, and Timing, which will track what you do on your Mac and help you cut out time-wasters. You’ll also get file transfer apps like Yummy FTP Pro—it’ll help you transfer up to thousands of files fast and schedule automatic backups. And for those secret Windows fans, CrossOver 15, which will launch Windows apps from your Mac. File finders, screenshot sharers, and other top-rated favorite round out the bundle.

The 11 apps in this bundle usually go for $271, so don’t miss your chance to get it at SitePoint Shop for $24.99.

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