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Get 1 TB of Storage for Life for $39

By SitePoint Offers

1TB storage

Let’s be real. When it comes to most of the files you want to back up, you don’t need instant access to them (we’re looking at you, vacation photos from 2003 and experimental poetry)—but you still need to make sure they’re somewhere safe. Enter Zoolz cold storage, a reliable solution for backing up those files you don’t need on hand often. Get 1 TB of space for life for just $39 at SitePoint Shop.

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This lifetime subscription to Zoolz lets you retrieve your stored data in about 3-5 hours, so it’s not for your favorite music or whatever show you’re streaming right now. But the tradeoff is secure, reliable storage for life…for just $39. Back up your photos, videos, documents, and more, and you’re set—you don’t need to worry about constantly backing up those files. And since 1 TB is a massive amount of storage for most people, Zoolz even lets you have two users on the same account.

This lifetime subscription normally goes for $1,800, so don’t dawdle. Get a lifetime of access to Zoolz for $39.

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