By Harry Fuecks

GD GIF support in 4.3.7

By Harry Fuecks

Just quick tip off. With patents finally running out, looks like PHP 4.3.7’s GD extension may have GIF support again. More info from Tobias here.

  • Lukas

    tsk tsk .. copying tobi’s typos :-)

    4.3.7 is already released.

  • This is very unlikely, as PHP4.3.7 has already been released two weeks ago :)
    See the changelog for this:
    There has been a discussion on internals, that GIF can only be supported if the patent has expired worldwide (which will be July 7th).

    Best regards,


  • mmj

    I recall seeing information on the GD website that GIF would never be supported again because PNG is superior to it.

    Admittedly, though, the information about the return of GIF on the GD website is contradictory in places.

  • Ooops ;) Thanks what comes of quick tips… Anyway – may be sometime soon…

  • exiang

    gd now support output gif.
    but php 4.3.8 is not ready yet.

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