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Fun Features to Benefits Quiz

Andrew Neitlich

Last week I spent two hours on the phone with a technology entrepreneur who was describing the features and benefits of his latest offering. Like most technology professionals, the features and benefits he mentioned sounded remarkably similar. In fact, they were ALL features. That inspires today’s blog.

Following are a list of common features that many web developers list on their web site. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to convert those features into benefits.

A feature is something you do or have. A benefit is what’s in it for your client. Features are about you. Benefits are about them. As the marketing cliche goes, β€œPeople don’t buy a quarter-inch drill. They buy a quarter-inch hole.” So, to successfully market your services, you need to be skillful in converting features into benefits.

Features for you to convert to benefits:
– Ecommerce capabilities

– Turnkey solution

– Fast turnaround time

– Professional

– Experienced

– Award winning

– Worked with other people in this industry

– Expert in Java, PHP, .Net, Open Source, SQL, etc (pick whichever apply to you)

– Partners with off-shore developers

– Proven methodology

– No templates

– Custom design

– Full service

– Simple designs

– We offer hosting

– We provide traffic information and statistics

There are many more, but that’s enough for now. Suggested answers will appear in the next blog, or take a risk and post your own entries here. Best entry will get a free ebook version of my manual.

Extra credit: Once you have a list of benefits, convert them to advantages that you have over your competitors.