FullCodePress: Team 99designs Do Australia Proud

    Matthew Magain

    User experience advocate James Mansfield and developer Lachlan Donald are both flying the flag for Australia in this year’s FullCodePress event. They also both happen to be employees of 99designs (SitePoint’s sister company), along with fellow team-mate and former colleague, Adam Schilling.

    In FullCodePress, teams compete to build a complete website within 24 hours. The team are currently 5 hours away from their deadline, and if working with other team-mates to build a quality website for a client they’ve never met isn’t difficult enough, they’ve also had to endure server hiccups, sleep deprivation, loud ambushes from opposing teams, impromptu arm-wrestling challenges, changing deadlines, and tedious media interviews.

    It’s been a long day.

    Speaking of interviews, a few of them have been posted online — check them out below. However, it’s been a long day, so if the boys sound a little incoherent during their chat about the site that they’re in the middle of working on, they probably deserve to be cut some slack. At the end of this event, three non-profit organisations will walk away with amazing websites.

    And when that’s the case, regardless of the outcome, everyone wins.

    Go Aussies!