From CVS to Subversion

By Blane Warrene

There is a great piece by Adam Swift on making the move to Subversion as a version control system at O’Reilly’s (

This is a topic that has been run though before in the SitePoint forums where there are some Subversion fans. I am just now finally taking the leap away from CVS to Subversion — so this article has excellent timing.

Be sure to scan through the docs over at as some vulnerabilities remain on Subversion. Many vendors have attempted to address them and have issued patches or updates.

Subversion’s project home page can be found at

  • JKP

    That article is great for people who want to install the server side of stuff either on OS X or OS X Server. The best guide I have seen yet for those who don’t want to have to compile lots of different components and to learn what they are all for.

  • I switched from CVS to subversion 4 months ago and havent looked back. Simple things like being able to copy a source tree and keep all the history makes subversion so much nicer.

  • Chak

    Does Subversion work Windows ?

  • Tom Willis

    Subversion works with windows, but the server ends up being single threaded I think.

    Nonetheless when I moved a 3 year old repository from VSS to Subversion, it seemed to be nice and snappy. Compared to VSS.

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