By Andrew Gardner

From Concept to Working Prototype with Flash Catalyst

By Andrew Gardner
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Today’s tutorial, From Concept to Working Prototype with Flash Catalyst, is all about easing the tension between designing and developing. In the first of our new three-part series, author Toby Tremayne takes Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 for a spin in order to show us how these sometimes mutually exclusive elements can operate harmoniously with a minimum of fuss.

Picture this scenario: you’re doing some web development for a client who keeps requesting a look at the project before it’s actually finished. Sound familiar? Well, using Flash Catalyst Toby steps us through the process of creating a prototype that the client can put on their intranet. You’ll see how easily you can keep your clients happy without breaking the bank on developer costs.

Toby assumes some basic familiarity with Flex and its component library, and an elementary understanding of Photoshop and Illustrator. Armed with this knowledge, the tutorial will teach you how to import your creations from Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fireworks into Flash Catalyst and turn them into working protoypes with moving parts, transitions and components.

Once you’ve read the article, make sure you check out our quiz.

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