By Alex Walker

Free Stock Imagery

By Alex Walker

Robin is Good. Free is good. In fact, it’s all good with Robin Good’s impressive and exhaustive list of free stock photography archives. Not all are available for use in commercial work, but plenty are.

Although I’ve always assumed there would be plenty of free imagery out there if you were prepared to look, I think the most impressive part is the quality. Most of the sites listed are professionally presented and the stock they contain is mostly high quality.

In reality, it won’t replace the large commercial photo stock companies. The availble selection is probably still not wide enough to cover all situations, and the times when you need a very specific photo quickly, the large stock sites like Corbis and Creatas are still going to be your best bet.

Still, when all you’ve got to lose is time, it’s a nice place to start.

  • mudkicker

    This would help me alot! Cool!

  • Wow, thats a great resource. Not only does Robin list the great free stock photo sites, he also reviews them all in detail.

  • Thanks for the resource :)

  • Thanks :)

    I personally find the best resource for free stock photos, although for more professional I use istockphoto.

  • yes, great ressource. i will bookmaark the site. a good cheap image source is (i have no connection to the company).

  • I was suprised they didn’t have I also use it as my first choice and then branch out from there.

  • Zeldinha

    Really useful, thanks a lot :)

  • almost seems too good to be true! Great resource.

  • I was suprised they didn’t have I also use it as my first choice and then branch out from there.

    Direct from the linked page:

    I have never made a secret that what I feel is one of the best resources of grassroots free images online is the Stock Exchange at, a truly impressive collection of many high-quality photos taken from non-professional amateur photographers from around the world.

  • is my favorite stock image site. Although I can never seem to remember their URL, I always type “Free Stock Images” into FF (which uses google’s “I’m feeling lucky” search) to get to it! Sad, but it works.

    At any rate, thanks for the link. Found a few sites there I didn’t know about, that’ll be helpfull I know.

  • Indeed, is a pretty tough to remember domain name.

  • gnawph

    Heh, I do the same thing as CubitGuy.

    When loses their #1 ranking I’m going to be in trouble. ;)

  • Ryan Wray

    Brillant resource, thank you. I have seen of the resources before, but many I had not. There is now more than enough for me to use.

  • I have a profile on

    and find that it’s a great resource for stock images. Plus the exposure is good too. I’ve had my images published in a variety of magazines.
    As more sites like this emerge, I think it will push out the large stock companies.

  • Really good info…thanks

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