Free Rails PDF: Only 3 Days To Go!

Build Your Own Ruby On Rails Web Applications PDF GiveawayIf you haven’t taken advantage of the fact that Patrick Lenz’s introductory Ruby On Rails book is available as a FREE PDF, then you better act quickly as there are only three days left!

There’s plenty happening in the world of Rails development, and even before this giveaway I was of the firm belief that this book is the best and easiest way to get up to speed on the Ruby On Rails framework. Plenty of other books assume that you are an experienced web developer who is already writing unit tests and adhering to best practice MVC principles in some other programming language.

Not in this book. Patrick holds your hand through the basics and sets you up with an example application that, once complete, will give you a solid foundation from which you can further your Ruby and Rails skills.


Did I mention there are only three days to go? Seriously, go get it now. Even if you file it away for later.