Free Flex For All . . . well almost

By Harry Fuecks

Thanks to Chris Cantrell’s blog I learned this morning that Macromedia is giving free FLEX licenses to non-profits, students, teachers, and anyone else who will use FLEX in a non-commercial environment.

Not only do you get a free FLEX license but you also get a free license for the Macromedia Flex Builder which is the Macromedia IDE for Flex.

Check out the FLEX FAQ for more details

Not too shabby! Now if we can just convince Macromedia to give free licenses for older versions of ColdFusion to anyone (including those profit welding businesses) we’d be set.

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  • neves

    Now I can see a light for Flex!

  • Adedeji Olowe

    I see more than a light.

    But will there be a free Flex Certification or curiculum in the schools???

  • Andy Jarrett

    The other contender in the RIA arena is also open source now as of today. Check out http://www.laszlosystems.com/company/news/press_releases/pr_oct_04.php

  • http://www.rideontwo.com z0s0

    Welding is quite a profitable industry ;-)

  • qtstorm

    Laszlo is my new best friend. :) . I was hoping. No praying. No hoping and praying for this. Thanks for the link Andy

  • Steve R.

    See also http://www.bindows.net/ for another alternative.

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