By Rachael Wilson

Free Book Giveaway: The Adobe Flash Platform Reference for RIAs

By Rachael Wilson

Do you develop Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)? Or want to? Check this out…

Finally! How it all fits together – The Adobe Flash Platform explained!

You’ve heard the buzz words, right? Adobe AIR, Flex, Flex Builder 3, Flash and so on… well we finally got an Adobe guru to explain what they are, how they work, what makes them so special and why as a developer, you will want to at least check it out!

Andrew Muller (Trainer, Mentor, Developer, Blogger, Ambassador and Community Expert for Adobe), walks you through the world of the Adobe Flash Platform giving you an easy to understand explanation of what each piece of software does, and how they work together to help you design innovative web applications that can be deployed to the desktop… did you get all of that?

Read the article Building RIAs With The Adobe Flash Platform and then take the quiz to really help you absorb the information. If you’re one of the first 200 people to take the quiz, you’ll receive a printed copy of The Adobe Flash Platform ActionScript Reference for Rich Internet Application Development, sent straight to your door (and if you’re not, then fear not—if you complete the quiz then you can still download a PDF of the book instead!)

If you develop web applications then this is a must-read article and a very handy book to have at your fingertips.

Read the article and take the quiz now.

  • And they’re gone!

    Well that was the shortest giveaway we’ve done so far. This book was popular! Congratulations to everyone who scored a copy. If you missed out, fear not—you can still download a PDF of the book by completing the quiz.

    Also we will be doing more of these giveaways—with even cooler prizes—coming up very soon. Keep visiting to win!

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