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    Ian Alexander
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    Unhappy IE Works, Opera and Netscape Don't. ?

    I've been trying to test a new site design which requires me to view the page on my external server. Internet Explorer works, as it always has, but I recently downloaded Opera and Netscape and neither can access a page.

    They both say "Connection refused by (URL Here)"

    I have a Sonicwall Tele3 firewall. I figured it might be blocking them but I'm not sure why....

    It doesn't make any sense to me why IE would work and the firewall wouldn't let these through.

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    Most consumer level firewalls work on an application basis. You will have to go into the configuration portion of your firewall and give explicit permission to your new browsers as they were probably denied as not being installed at the time your firewall was installed.
    Wayne Luke

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    Ian Alexander
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    Consumer Firewall?

    Well, I'm not sure that's exactly possible. If I was using ZoneAlarm or something similar I would do so.

    The Sonicwall is a hardware device which allows services or types of traffic, not applications really.

    I checked and http is already allowed. Might have to call in for tech support...

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    the only thing that springs to my mind: you may be going through a proxy...IE is set up by your tech dept, but other browsers might need to be set up explicitly ?
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    Ian Alexander
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    I don't think so

    That COULD be but I don't see how really. I'm the tech department here and I really don't have a proxy server. I have our DC which is also a dhcp server and DNS server but I don't know how that could affect anything.

    I suppose it could be using the wrong DNS server addresses....

    My ISP gave me additional ones which I need to use to access the Internet. I figured if I setup my machine's network config up to use those though, it should work across all browsers.

    I'm totally at a loss for this.

    Do you know if there are any DNS settings in either Opera or Netscape which I might have to edit?

    - Ian


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