Hi all,

Just purchased a new digital camera - the setup and installation has all gone fine, and I can take and view photos on the camera itself, it's just that I can't download the pictures onto my computer.

Here is what the manual says:

1. Plug one end of USB to computer.
2. Plug the other end of USB to the camera.
3. Power on the camera.
4. Double click the My Computer icon on the desktop and find the Removable Disk.
5. Drag and drop the pictures in the removable disk mentioned above to the folder in your hard disk.
Steps 1-3 have gone without fail, but when I go into My Computer there is no sign of any 'Removable Disk'. Just to be sure I've tried all my disk drives but to no avail. What have I done wrong here? I know this is probably an obvious question and I'll probably feel like punching myself afterwards

I am running Windows 98 SE.

Any help would be much appreciated