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    How to Follow a Discussion: Managing Thread Subscriptions

    To make following threads easy, click on "My SitePoint" and in the left panel scroll down to:

    My Account > My Settings > General Settings.

    Here you will find a vast list of custom tweaks for your account.

    Scroll to Messaging & Notification > Default Subscription Mode and use the drop down box to choose your default settings. If you choose any other than the "Do Not Subscribe," when you post in a thread you will be automatically subscribed to the thread.

    If you want to follow a discussion, but don't want to post a reply, subscribe using the drop down list in Thread Tools, located above the first post in each thread.

    If you wish to unsubscribe from a thread, you can use that same drop down list to do it or you can also unsubscribe to threads through your control panel (My SitePoint). Click "View All Subscribed Threads" and you'll see a notification list. At the bottom of the list click on Selected Threads and use the list of options to delete or otherwise manage your thread subscriptions.

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