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    How to add a signature to your posts

    After you have been an active SitePoint member for 90 days, you are able to add a signature to your posts. Signatures can be added only through your My SitePoint profile.
    Note: Signatures that are added to thread replies are against SitePoint guidelines and will be removed by staff. So, it's important to always add signatures through your member profile.

    Before you add a signature, take a minute to read through the signature guidelines. Signatures are limited to left-aligned text and size guidelines as well as some other guidelines on appropriate content.

    1. Click on My SitePoint.
    2. In the left panel, scroll down to My Settings > My Profile and click on edit Signature.
    3. Add your signature to the form.
    4. Use the "Preview Signature" button to make sure your signature meets guidelines and then click on "Save Signature"

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