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    How and when to report a post

    The report a post button


    has many uses. You can use it to report spam, fluff or comments that are derailing a thread. However, you can also use report a post to ask for help.

    For instance, all members can edit their posts for 30 minutes after making them. After then, if you need a post edited you will need to contact a staff member. Although you are always welcome to pm staff when you need help, the staff member you pm may or may not be online. One click on the report a post button ensures that your request will be quickly seen and the necessary action taken.

    You can also use the report a post flag to ask that your thread be moved to a different forum, merged with another similar thread or closed (if your question has been answered).

    Finally, if you see a thread that is very interesting, you can use the report a post flag to suggest a featured thread. Featuring and sticking threads are at the discretion of the moderators, but we do welcome your suggestions.

    When you report a post, all you need to do is add your reason for the report. The form automatically quotes the reported post. In summary, use the report a post button to

    • report spam, fluff, or objectionable content
    • edit your post (after 30 minutes)
    • move your post
    • merge your post into another thread
    • close your post
    • suggest a featured thread

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