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    Creating .htaccess files for apache running under windows

    Hi All

    I am trying to use .htpasswd and .htaccess to secure my website. I have encountered a problem in that all the documentation/tutorials assume one is using linux/unix. I am using apache server on Win Me. I have made a .htpasswd file, but I cannot make the .htaccess file. I have been trying to use a text editor to make the file but it wont let me save the file as ".htaccess". I guess thats because windows like to have the little 3 character extension at the end of everything. So what can I do? Is it not possible to implement .htaccess for a apache on a windows system?

    Any suggest would be much appreciated.

    Regards, Ben

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    add quotes("") around .htaccess when you type it in the filename field of "Saveas" dialogue box.
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