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Thread: Tables and DIVS

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    Question Tables and DIVS

    I have this form and it has a lot of fields and I got a close to the table less structure using <UL>s and <LI>s but when I have to format it to align everything to come up with a squarish form, and I just ended up using &nbsp;s

    Is it okay for me to use tables instead of divs or uls?

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    Tables for tabular data. If you're having layout issues, please post code or we really can't predict how you did it.
    Cross browser css bugs

    Dan Schulz you will be missed

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    You can make a pretty decent form using lists. Basically it looks like this:
    <li><label>Name: </label><input /></li>
    And you set label{display: inline-block;} if you want them to line up square. Firefox 2 doesn't like that, so you have to use display: -moz-inline-box; before inline-block; AND if you don't set the label wide enough in FF2, the text will flow UNDER the input. You can prevent this if there's a display: block box _inside_ the label and surrounding the text, but that just gets silly.

    Generally I just end up using display: block; because it's always for a contact form and textareas always end up looking weird to me when they're to the right of the label. If you do that, though, its label has to be set to vertical-align: top;

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    <ul class="forms">
    		<li>Unit Description:<input name="unit_desc" type="text" class="formatd" /></li>
    		<li>Unit Brand:<select class="formatd" name="unit_brand">
                                                  <option value="Demak">Demak</option>
                                                  <option value="Eastworld">Eastworld</option>
                                                  <option value="Honda">Honda</option>
                                                  <option value="Kawasaki">Kawasaki</option>
                                                  <option value="MCR">MCR</option>
                                                  <option value="Suzuki">Suzuki</option>
                                                  <option value="Yamaha">Yamaha</option>
    		<li>Model:<input name="model" type="text" class="formatd" /></li>
    		<li>Which Emcor/K-Servico store did you purchased your unit: <select name="purchase_where" class="formatd">
                                                  <option value="Agdao">Agdao</option>
                                                  <option value="Agdao Parts &amp; Service">Agdao Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Agoo, La Union">Agoo, La Union</option>
                                                  <option value="Alabang">Alabang</option>
                                                  <option value="Alabang Motorcycle Parts and Services">Alabang Motorcycle Parts and Services</option>
                                                  <option value="Alicia, Isabela">Alicia, Isabela</option>
                                                  <option value="Angeles">Angeles</option>
                                                  <option value="Antipolo">Antipolo</option>
                                                  <option value="Antique">Antique</option>
                                                  <option value="Apalit, Pampanga ">Apalit, Pampanga </option>
                                                  <option value="Aparri">Aparri</option>
                                                  <option value="ATS - Buenavista">ATS - Buenavista</option>
                                                  <option value="ATS - Kalibo">ATS - Kalibo</option>
                                                  <option value="ATS - Ormoc">ATS - Ormoc</option>
                                                  <option value="ATS - PPC San Pedro">ATS - PPC San Pedro</option>
                                                  <option value="ATS Bajada">ATS Bajada</option>
                                                  <option value="ATS Cebu BTC">ATS Cebu BTC</option>
                                                  <option value="ATS Dipolog">ATS Dipolog</option>
                                                  <option value="ATS Gaisano South Citi Mall">ATS Gaisano South Citi Mall</option>
                                                  <option value="ATS Iloilo Robinsons">ATS Iloilo Robinsons</option>
                                                  <option value="ATS Pagadian Rodren">ATS Pagadian Rodren</option>
                                                  <option value="ATS Victoria Plaza">ATS Victoria Plaza</option>
                                                  <option value="Bacolod Araneta">Bacolod Araneta</option>
                                                  <option value="Bacolod Libertad">Bacolod Libertad</option>
                                                  <option value="Bacolod Luzuriaga">Bacolod Luzuriaga</option>
                                                  <option value="Bacolod San Sebastian Parts">Bacolod San Sebastian Parts</option>
                                                  <option value="Baggao, Cagayan ">Baggao, Cagayan </option>
                                                  <option value="Baguio">Baguio</option>
                                                  <option value="Bajada">Bajada</option>
                                                  <option value="Bajada Parts">Bajada Parts</option>
                                                  <option value="Balagtas Honda Best Bike">Balagtas Honda Best Bike</option>
                                                  <option value="Balamban">Balamban</option>
                                                  <option value="Balanga, Capitol Road">Balanga, Capitol Road</option>
                                                  <option value="Balanga, Diversion Road">Balanga, Diversion Road</option>
                                                  <option value="Balayan, Batangas">Balayan, Batangas</option>
                                                  <option value="Baliuag, Bulacan">Baliuag, Bulacan</option>
                                                  <option value="Bambang">Bambang</option>
                                                  <option value="Bangued, Abra">Bangued, Abra</option>
                                                  <option value="Bantayan">Bantayan</option>
                                                  <option value="Batac, Ilocos Norte">Batac, Ilocos Norte</option>
                                                  <option value="Batangas City">Batangas City</option>
                                                  <option value="Bauan">Bauan</option>
                                                  <option value="Bauan Honda Best Bike">Bauan Honda Best Bike</option>
                                                  <option value="Bayambang, Pangasinan">Bayambang, Pangasinan</option>
                                                  <option value="Bayawan">Bayawan</option>
                                                  <option value="Best Bike - Carcar">Best Bike - Carcar</option>
                                                  <option value="Best Bike - Mati">Best Bike - Mati</option>
                                                  <option value="Best Bike Agdao">Best Bike Agdao</option>
                                                  <option value="Best Bike Center - Ozamiz">Best Bike Center - Ozamiz</option>
                                                  <option value="Best Bike Center - Tangub">Best Bike Center - Tangub</option>
                                                  <option value="Binalbagan">Binalbagan</option>
                                                  <option value="Binangonan">Binangonan</option>
                                                  <option value="Bogo">Bogo</option>
                                                  <option value="Borongan">Borongan</option>
                                                  <option value="Brooke's Pt.">Brooke's Pt.</option>
                                                  <option value="Buhangin">Buhangin</option>
                                                  <option value="Butuan">Butuan</option>
                                                  <option value="Butuan Parts &amp; Service">Butuan Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Buug">Buug</option>
                                                  <option value="Cabanatuan 1">Cabanatuan 1</option>
                                                  <option value="Cabanatuan 2">Cabanatuan 2</option>
                                                  <option value="Cabanatuan Best Bike">Cabanatuan Best Bike</option>
                                                  <option value="Cadiz">Cadiz</option>
                                                  <option value="Cadiz Parts &amp; Service">Cadiz Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Cainta">Cainta</option>
                                                  <option value="Calamba, Laguna ">Calamba, Laguna </option>
                                                  <option value="Calinan">Calinan</option>
                                                  <option value="Calinan Parts &amp; Service">Calinan Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Candon, Ilocos Sur">Candon, Ilocos Sur</option>
                                                  <option value="Cantilan">Cantilan</option>
                                                  <option value="Capaz, Tarlac">Capaz, Tarlac</option>
                                                  <option value="Carcar Parts &amp; Service">Carcar Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Carcar, Cebu">Carcar, Cebu</option>
                                                  <option value="Carmen, Pangasinan">Carmen, Pangasinan</option>
                                                  <option value="Catarman">Catarman</option>
                                                  <option value="Catbalogan">Catbalogan</option>
                                                  <option value="Caticlan">Caticlan</option>
                                                  <option value="Cauayan, Isabela ">Cauayan, Isabela </option>
                                                  <option value="CDO - Borja">CDO - Borja</option>
                                                  <option value="CDO - Cogon">CDO - Cogon</option>
                                                  <option value="CDO - Cogon Parts &amp; Service">CDO - Cogon Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="CDO - Lapasan">CDO - Lapasan</option>
                                                  <option value="CDO - Velez">CDO - Velez</option>
                                                  <option value="CDO LimKetKai - ATS">CDO LimKetKai - ATS</option>
                                                  <option value="Congressional">Congressional</option>
                                                  <option value="Cubao">Cubao</option>
                                                  <option value="Cubao Appliance Parts &amp; Service">Cubao Appliance Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Culasi">Culasi</option>
                                                  <option value="Dagupan City">Dagupan City</option>
                                                  <option value="Dasmarinas, Cavite">Dasmarinas, Cavite</option>
                                                  <option value="Digos">Digos</option>
                                                  <option value="Digos - ATS">Digos - ATS</option>
                                                  <option value="Digos Parts &amp; Service">Digos Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Dinalupihan">Dinalupihan</option>
                                                  <option value="Dinalupihan Best Bike">Dinalupihan Best Bike</option>
                                                  <option value="Dipolog - Quezon">Dipolog - Quezon</option>
                                                  <option value="Dipolog - Rizal Parts">Dipolog - Rizal Parts</option>
                                                  <option value="Dipolog Rizal">Dipolog Rizal</option>
                                                  <option value="Dumaguete">Dumaguete</option>
                                                  <option value="East Rembo, Makati">East Rembo, Makati</option>
                                                  <option value="Emcor - Suzuki 3s Store">Emcor - Suzuki 3s Store</option>
                                                  <option value="Estancia">Estancia</option>
                                                  <option value="Fairview">Fairview</option>
                                                  <option value="Gapan, Nueva Ecija">Gapan, Nueva Ecija</option>
                                                  <option value="Gattaran, Cagayan">Gattaran, Cagayan</option>
                                                  <option value="Gen. Santos - Magsaysay Parts &amp; Service">Gen. Santos - Magsaysay Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Gen. Santos - Nat'l H-way (Phela Grande)">Gen. Santos - Nat'l H-way (Phela Grande)</option>
                                                  <option value="Gen. Santos - Nat'l. H-way Parts &amp; Service">Gen. Santos - Nat'l. H-way Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Gen. Santos - Pendatun">Gen. Santos - Pendatun</option>
                                                  <option value="Glan">Glan</option>
                                                  <option value="GMA Cavite">GMA Cavite</option>
                                                  <option value="Goa">Goa</option>
                                                  <option value="Gonzaga, Cagayan">Gonzaga, Cagayan</option>
                                                  <option value="Guagua">Guagua</option>
                                                  <option value="Hilongos">Hilongos</option>
                                                  <option value="Hinigaran">Hinigaran</option>
                                                  <option value="Iba">Iba</option>
                                                  <option value="Ibajay">Ibajay</option>
                                                  <option value="Ilagan, Isabela ">Ilagan, Isabela </option>
                                                  <option value="Iligan - Sabayle">Iligan - Sabayle</option>
                                                  <option value="Iligan - Tambo">Iligan - Tambo</option>
                                                  <option value="Iloilo">Iloilo</option>
                                                  <option value="Iloilo - Diversion">Iloilo - Diversion</option>
                                                  <option value="IloIlo - Diversion Parts &amp; Service">IloIlo - Diversion Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="IloIlo Parts &amp; Service">IloIlo Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Imelda">Imelda</option>
                                                  <option value="Ipil Anduhol">Ipil Anduhol</option>
                                                  <option value="Ipil Rizal">Ipil Rizal</option>
                                                  <option value="Ipil Rizal Parts &amp; Service">Ipil Rizal Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Isulan">Isulan</option>
                                                  <option value="Jaro">Jaro</option>
                                                  <option value="Kabacan">Kabacan</option>
                                                  <option value="Kabacan Parts &amp; Service">Kabacan Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Kabankalan">Kabankalan</option>
                                                  <option value="Kabankalan Parts &amp; Service">Kabankalan Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Kabasalan">Kabasalan</option>
                                                  <option value="Kalibo">Kalibo</option>
                                                  <option value="Kalibo Parts &amp; Service">Kalibo Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="KCC Mall">KCC Mall</option>
                                                  <option value="Kiamba">Kiamba</option>
                                                  <option value="Kidapawan">Kidapawan</option>
                                                  <option value="Kidapawan Parts &amp; Service">Kidapawan Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="La Carlota">La Carlota</option>
                                                  <option value="Laoag">Laoag</option>
                                                  <option value="Laoag 2">Laoag 2</option>
                                                  <option value="Lapu - Lapu - Cebu">Lapu - Lapu - Cebu</option>
                                                  <option value="Las Piņas">Las Pi&#241;as</option>
                                                  <option value="Legaspi - Cebu">Legaspi - Cebu</option>
                                                  <option value="Legazpi">Legazpi</option>
                                                  <option value="Lemery, Batangas ">Lemery, Batangas </option>
                                                  <option value="Ligao">Ligao</option>
                                                  <option value="Liloy">Liloy</option>
                                                  <option value="Lipa">Lipa</option>
                                                  <option value="Lubao">Lubao</option>
                                                  <option value="Lupon">Lupon</option>
                                                  <option value="M'lang">M'lang</option>
                                                  <option value="Maasin">Maasin</option>
                                                  <option value="Maddela, Quirino">Maddela, Quirino</option>
                                                  <option value="Magsaysay">Magsaysay</option>
                                                  <option value="Malabon">Malabon</option>
                                                  <option value="Malaybalay">Malaybalay</option>
                                                  <option value="Malolos, Bulacan ">Malolos, Bulacan </option>
                                                  <option value="Mandaluyong Honda Best Bike">Mandaluyong Honda Best Bike</option>
                                                  <option value="Mandaue - Cebu">Mandaue - Cebu</option>
                                                  <option value="Mandaue Cebu Parts &amp; Service">Mandaue Cebu Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Mangagoy">Mangagoy</option>
                                                  <option value="Maramag">Maramag</option>
                                                  <option value="Maranding">Maranding</option>
                                                  <option value="Maranding Parts &amp; Service">Maranding Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Marbel">Marbel</option>
                                                  <option value="Marbel - ATS">Marbel - ATS</option>
                                                  <option value="Marbel Parts &amp; Service">Marbel Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Marikina">Marikina</option>
                                                  <option value="Mariveles">Mariveles</option>
                                                  <option value="Mati">Mati</option>
                                                  <option value="Mati Parts &amp; Service">Mati Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Matina">Matina</option>
                                                  <option value="Midsayap">Midsayap</option>
                                                  <option value="Molave">Molave</option>
                                                  <option value="Molave Parts &amp; Service">Molave Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Muzon, SDJM Bulacan">Muzon, SDJM Bulacan</option>
                                                  <option value="Nabunturan">Nabunturan</option>
                                                  <option value="Nabunturan Parts &amp; Service">Nabunturan Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Naga">Naga</option>
                                                  <option value="Narra">Narra</option>
                                                  <option value="Novaliches">Novaliches</option>
                                                  <option value="Olongapo">Olongapo</option>
                                                  <option value="Orani">Orani</option>
                                                  <option value="Ormoc">Ormoc</option>
                                                  <option value="Ormoc Parts &amp; Service">Ormoc Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Oroquieta">Oroquieta</option>
                                                  <option value="Ozamiz Bernad">Ozamiz Bernad</option>
                                                  <option value="Ozamiz Gaisano">Ozamiz Gaisano</option>
                                                  <option value="Ozamiz Rizal">Ozamiz Rizal</option>
                                                  <option value="Ozamiz Rizal Parts &amp; Service">Ozamiz Rizal Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Pagadian - Clark">Pagadian - Clark</option>
                                                  <option value="Pagadian Tiguma">Pagadian Tiguma</option>
                                                  <option value="Pagadian Zulueta">Pagadian Zulueta</option>
                                                  <option value="Panabo">Panabo</option>
                                                  <option value="Panabo Parts &amp; Service">Panabo Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Panabo-Cabaluna">Panabo-Cabaluna</option>
                                                  <option value="Pasig">Pasig</option>
                                                  <option value="Pasig Motorcycle Parts &amp; Service">Pasig Motorcycle Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Passi">Passi</option>
                                                  <option value="Plaridel, Bulacan">Plaridel, Bulacan</option>
                                                  <option value="Polomolok">Polomolok</option>
                                                  <option value="Puerto Princesa - Rizal">Puerto Princesa - Rizal</option>
                                                  <option value="Puerto Princesa - San Pedro">Puerto Princesa - San Pedro</option>
                                                  <option value="Puerto Princesa Parts &amp; Service">Puerto Princesa Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Quezon Palawan">Quezon Palawan</option>
                                                  <option value="Rodriguez">Rodriguez</option>
                                                  <option value="Rosario">Rosario</option>
                                                  <option value="Roxas - Panay">Roxas - Panay</option>
                                                  <option value="Roxas - Panay Parts &amp; Service">Roxas - Panay Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Roxas Palawan">Roxas Palawan</option>
                                                  <option value="Roxas, Isabela">Roxas, Isabela</option>
                                                  <option value="San Carlos">San Carlos</option>
                                                  <option value="San Francisco">San Francisco</option>
                                                  <option value="San Francisco Parts &amp; Service">San Francisco Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="San Jose, Nueva Ecija">San Jose, Nueva Ecija</option>
                                                  <option value="San Mateo, Isabela">San Mateo, Isabela</option>
                                                  <option value="San Miguel, Bulacan">San Miguel, Bulacan</option>
                                                  <option value="San Pedro">San Pedro</option>
                                                  <option value="San Pedro, Laguna">San Pedro, Laguna</option>
                                                  <option value="Sanchez Mira, Cagayan">Sanchez Mira, Cagayan</option>
                                                  <option value="Santa Cruz">Santa Cruz</option>
                                                  <option value="Santiago City">Santiago City</option>
                                                  <option value="Sapang Palay, SJDM Bulacan">Sapang Palay, SJDM Bulacan</option>
                                                  <option value="Sindangan">Sindangan</option>
                                                  <option value="Sipalay">Sipalay</option>
                                                  <option value="SM Dasmariņas">SM Dasmari&#241;as</option>
                                                  <option value="SM Lucena">SM Lucena</option>
                                                  <option value="Sogod">Sogod</option>
                                                  <option value="Solano, Nueva Vizcaya ">Solano, Nueva Vizcaya </option>
                                                  <option value="Sorsogon ">Sorsogon </option>
                                                  <option value="Sta. Ana, Pampanga">Sta. Ana, Pampanga</option>
                                                  <option value="Sta. Maria, Bulacan">Sta. Maria, Bulacan</option>
                                                  <option value="Sta. Rosa">Sta. Rosa</option>
                                                  <option value="Subic">Subic</option>
                                                  <option value="Surigao">Surigao</option>
                                                  <option value="Surigao - ATS">Surigao - ATS</option>
                                                  <option value="Tacloban">Tacloban</option>
                                                  <option value="Tacloban Parts &amp; Service">Tacloban Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Tacloban Veteranos">Tacloban Veteranos</option>
                                                  <option value="Tacurong">Tacurong</option>
                                                  <option value="Tacurong Parts &amp; Service">Tacurong Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Tagbilaran - CPG">Tagbilaran - CPG</option>
                                                  <option value="Tagbilaran Parts &amp; Service">Tagbilaran Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Tagum - NCCC Mall">Tagum - NCCC Mall</option>
                                                  <option value="Tagum Abad - MC">Tagum Abad - MC</option>
                                                  <option value="Tagum Abad Parts &amp; Service">Tagum Abad Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Tagum-Quezon">Tagum-Quezon</option>
                                                  <option value="Tagum-Rizal">Tagum-Rizal</option>
                                                  <option value="Tanay">Tanay</option>
                                                  <option value="Tandag">Tandag</option>
                                                  <option value="Tarlac City">Tarlac City</option>
                                                  <option value="Taytay">Taytay</option>
                                                  <option value="Tiguma Parts &amp; Service">Tiguma Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Toril">Toril</option>
                                                  <option value="Toril Parts &amp; Service">Toril Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Tuao">Tuao</option>
                                                  <option value="Tuguegarao, Cagayan">Tuguegarao, Cagayan</option>
                                                  <option value="Tuguegarao, Motorcycle Parts &amp; Services ">Tuguegarao, Motorcycle Parts &amp; Services </option>
                                                  <option value="Urdaneta City">Urdaneta City</option>
                                                  <option value="Valencia">Valencia</option>
                                                  <option value="Valencia Parts &amp; Service">Valencia Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Valenzuela">Valenzuela</option>
                                                  <option value="Vigan">Vigan</option>
                                                  <option value="Zambo - Veterans Parts &amp; Service">Zambo - Veterans Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Zamboanga - Campaner">Zamboanga - Campaner</option>
                                                  <option value="Zamboanga - Nuņez">Zamboanga - Nu&#241;ez</option>
                                                  <option value="Zamboanga - Nuņez Parts &amp; Service">Zamboanga - Nu&#241;ez Parts &amp; Service</option>
                                                  <option value="Zamboanga Guiwan">Zamboanga Guiwan</option>
                                                  <option value="Zamboanga Jaldon">Zamboanga Jaldon</option>
                                                  <option value="Zamboanga Recodo">Zamboanga Recodo</option>
                                                  <option value="Zamboanga San Jose, Gusu">Zamboanga San Jose, Gusu</option>
                                                  <option value="Zamboanga Veterans">Zamboanga Veterans</option>
                                                  <option value="Zamboanga Vitali">Zamboanga Vitali</option>
    			<li><input type="checkbox" name="checkbox" value="YES" /> Under Warranty </li>
    	<span class="titling">Trouble Checklist (Please check the problems you encountered with the unit</span>
    	<ul class="forms1">
    		<li> <input type="checkbox" name="c1" id="c1" value="Engine Noise" /> Engine Noise </li>
    		<li> <input type="checkbox" name="c2" id="c2" value="Vibration" /> Vibration</li>
    		<li> <input type="checkbox" name="c3" id="c3" value="Burned" /> Burned </li>
    		<li> <input type="checkbox" name="c4" id="c4" value="Spark Plug Fouling" />Spark Plug Fouling</li>
    		<li> <input type="checkbox" name="c5" id="c5" value="Transmission Problem" />Transmission Problem</li>
    	<ul class="forms1">
    		<li><input type="checkbox" name="c6" id="c6" value="Horn Sound Low" /> Horn Sound Low</li>
    		<li><input type="checkbox" name="c7" id="c7" value="High Ampere" /> High Ampere</li>
    		<li><input type="checkbox" name="c8" id="c8" value="Minor Tune-Up" /> Minor Tune-Up</li>
    		<li><input type="checkbox" name="c9" id="c9" value="Major Tune-Up" /> Major Tune-Up</li>
    		<li><input type="checkbox" name="c9" id="c9" value="Minor Electrical Check-Up" /> Minor Electrical Check-Up</li>
    	<span class="titling">Client Information (Please fill-up the following fields for our record purposes.)</span><br  />
    	<ul class="forms">
    		<li>First Name <input name="fname" type="text" class="formatd" /></li>
    		<li>Last Name <input name="lname" type="text" class="formatd" /></li>
    		<li>Middle Name <input name="mname" type="text" class="formatd" /></li>
    		<li>Gender <select class="formatd" name="gender">
    		<li><textarea name="address" cols="50" rows="5" class="formatd"></textarea></li>
    	<p>Contact numbers and email details. (please fill up at least one of the following)</p>
    	<ul class="forms">
    		<li>Email <input name="email" type="text" class="formatd" /></li>
    		<li>Telephone Number<input name="telno" type="text" class="formatd" /></li>
    		<li>Fax Number  <input name="faxno" type="text" class="formatd" /></li>
    		<li>Mobile Number <input name="mobile" type="text" class="formatd" /></li>
    This is the code of my first use of <UL>s well this is my first try so bare with it.

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    You'd be better off using a heading, like <h2> or <h3> than <span class='titling">
    You wouldn't need the line break, for one.

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