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    Search Engine Articles and Resources

    The Search Engine Marketing Kit by SitePoint

    Search Engine Submission Pages: (for Google, Yahoo, and AOL) (for AltaVista) (for Lycos/Fast) (for WiseNut, LookSmart (assumed eventually) page taken down 24/6/2002) (Yahoo Search/Inktomi) (AskJeeves, Teoma)

    Directory Submission Pages: (for DMOZ, Google, AOL, Others) (for Yahoo Directory) (For MSN, LookSmart, Altavista) (Free way into LookSmart for non-commercial sites) (mostly educational sites) (educational sites) (primarily reference sites)

    To find small specialty directories try looking through

    Other Resources:

    Search Engine Features: (who uses meta tags, who uses link popularity, etc)

    Search Engine Alliances: (somewhat old but graphical) (more recent but just a text table) flash app (recommended))

    Search Engine Sizes and Popularity:

    Other Stuff: (Thesis that started Google) (Search engine friendly URLs with ColdFusion) (Search engine friendly URLs with PHP) Engine Spider Identification

    For more promotion related resources see this thread.

    To suggest an addition to this thread send me a PM.
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