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    HTML 3.2 Javascript compatibility

    I was asked this question, and I don't know the answer. So I ask you geniuses.

    Please note that I am NOT asking about browser compatibilities, but HTML compatibility.

    Someone had to strictly adhere to a HTML version 3.2 for a web page, they then put some Javascript in (onMouseOver), they then validated it and it complained at the onMouseOver.

    I explained that onMouseOver was not part of version 3.2. The obvious next question was, how does he do contain Javascript if he can't do a onMouseOver.

    Is there a list anywhere of events in HTML 3.2? Or does 3.2 actually support Javascript to that level?

    I reiterate that this is not a browser compatibility question.

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    not until HTML 4 i dont think

    no mention of onclick onmouse anything in the 3.2 spec


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