Meaning: Overly concerned with minute details or formalisms.

You should all have encountered the pedantic client. The one that wants every pixel accounted for and in the same place in every browser on every platform on every computer on the planet. The kind that makes you change the font size a brazillion times and eventually comes back to the size you initially proposed. The "not that kind of blue" yet cannot supply an RGB value, hex code or even a pantone colour code. Yeah, you're thinking of someone aren't you?

If you haven't met this client yet, fear not, it's just a matter of time. Dealing with this species of client is what you should fear. If you don't treat them right, you'll end up having them suck your pocket dry and remove your will to design websites and even live!

I would guess avoiding this predator is the best plan of action, but not always possible. Sometimes they only bare their fangs half way into a project. Sometimes you take the job out of desperation.

Okay, enough metaphorical ramblings. How do you deal with Mr(s) Pedantic? My simple answer is restrictions. Restrict the number of concepts, restrict the number of revisions, restrict the amount of time allocated to the project... restrictions.

Not always the easiest thing to do, but in the long run you'll see the need for this. If you lay down the roadmap for the client, and explain each step as clearly as possible and get a signature on a dotted line accepting that (s)he understands, things should be a bit smoother. Here is our roadmap for what it's worth. It may not be perfect, and you may work in a different way, but as long as the client knows what to expect there should be fewer surprises.

How do you deal with Mr(s) Pedantic?