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    Ethics in using Iconic brand names

    hi could some one clarify.

    I've seen on a lot of websites they include designs of companies like Ford, Sony etc. but they are only mock ups. Is it ethical to portray that you actually did worked for them.

    I've seen this with portfolio examples and logos to show that they are popular through the big names.

    Theres a loophole because sites always change and they don't archive the old design so it's easy to get away with because only way it to contact the iconic brand name to find out and thats a lot of effort contacting a LARGE company making billions.

    Where is the line drawn? You edited 1 page of content or you did a small advertisement for them. That to me is misinterpretation.
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    Well, if you've done work for them, you (generally) have the right to display it in a portfolio. If you're being dishonest about it, then you're going to be sunk anyway.
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