My domain/hosting package is due to run out on the 11th, and I have a Paypal account with some funds in using an email @mydomain. I was wondering what happens to this email when my account expires. I never use the email as it somehow became a target for spam, but I do use it for logging into Paypal.

I would withdraw my funds but I have an issue whereby I can't prove who I am due to some accidently wrong details I put when registering. So I'll have to go through the stages of sending Paypal proof of identity etc... However, in the mean time I need to be sure that I can change my paypal email for this account and I need to know what will happen to my old email accounts and website - will they simply be deleted from my hosts servers along with all my old emails? This actually wouldn't bother me, it's really just the worries of being locked out of paypal or the new owners of my domain being able to read old emails or access my data.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!