I've been reading up on XHTML, just to see what it's all about, and I read that XHTML 1.1 (and I think even XHTML 1.0 if you adhere to the the Strict DTD) wouldn't support the <font> tag anymore. I know I must just be having a moment (or two, or three, or a million) of diminished brain power, but can someone tell me what you would use instead? What attribute would you apply your CSS to? <span>? <p>? Something else? Or would it just depend?

I guess I'm just so used to the <font> tag I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around not using it anymore (not that I have to stop using it RIGHT THIS MINUTE, but you know, for future compliance). I understand that XHTML is meant to take advantage of CSS, which I'm all for, but man...no <font> tag? Is nothing sacred?

Also, is there any place to get a real person's guide to what tags are deprecated in both XHTML 1.0 strict and XHTML 1.1 (is XHTML 1.1 even finalized yet)? I've looked at the strict XHTML 1.0 DTD, I can't tell a thing from it, and I can't seem turn up anything else that I can understand. *sigh*