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- LIBXML (Christian Stocker, Rob Richards, Marcus Boerger, Wez Furlong, Shane Caraveo)
- DOM (Christian Stocker, Rob Richards, Marcus Boerger)
- SimpleXML (Sterling Hughes, Marcus Boerger, Rob Richards)
- XMLReader (Robert Richards)
- XMLWriter (Rob Richards, Pierre-Alain Joye)
- XSL (Christian Stocker, Rob Richards)

about developing the XML modules and extensions for PHP 5.2 should be enough to convince you about how important his Book is:

Precise reference:
Robert Richards (2006) "Pro PHP XML and Web Services" Apress ISBN 1-59059-633-1.

The bottom line is that this is a highly effective reference (that means fairly comprehensive, but dry reading; I read cover to cover, but it was relatively tedious) on XML and its varied uses in association with PHP. This is not a book for the newcomer to programming, nor is it a cookbook for examples for the casual programmer/web developer, although the author does provide PEAR examples for connecting with major web services like Amazon, Google and Yahoo (among others). My suggestion for readers is to review what you need of the first 11-12 chapters to ensure a firm grounding in XML, and then hop to the chapters specific to the problem being faced.

Review by David Stapleton at the Amazon bookstore.

I do not fully agree. It is not so difficult, especially if you start with:

Thomas Meyer's: "No Nonsense XML Web Development With PHP"

Shows how to make an XML driven CMS site. This book is more practical.

Both hereby warmly recommended.