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    AJAX and the next generation web services

    AJAX is an important technology in web 2.0 developement, and Web Services is no exception. is Delivering A High-Performance AJAX Web Service Broker

    Scroll down to the figure

    Standard Web Services Broker and Client Side Web Services Broker to see the difference.

    to se the old and the new model.

    So the next generation of web developement and web services is taking place at full steam.

    Make the following KW search

    "AJAX Web services" 48 000 hits on Google.

    "SOAP + Web services" 227 000 hits

    "REST + Web services" 68 300 hits

    "Web services technologies" 179 000 hits.

    The major providers like Google, Yahoo, eBay, amazon etc are offering there own services.

    So a natural search is

    "Company name Web Services" like

    "amazon web services"

    The third hit takes you to amazon webservices developer connection.

    "Google AJAX web services" gives 5 hits.

    My prediction is that deploying and consuming web services will be a hot topic in the evolution of Web 2.0.

    This is also related to SEO.

    I just saw an interview on Cnn with an employee from Nielsen Ratings that page views and clicks are no longer reliable measures for onlie advertisers. In short a single click get your viedo started. The same with games and other webapplications. So he concluded that clicks and number of page views are no longer a reliable metric. It will discriminate against online game sites, video sites, instant messengers, iTunes and application sites. Therefore advertisers should look at other new unbiased metrics like time spent on a site. He also predicted that advertising would increase on game and application sites.

    My own view:
    This is a result of the web getting more and more a space for entertainment. AJAX was the first technology to reduce the gap between desktop and web applications. The web 2.0 has absolutely started.

    Web Application and entertainment sites will become more and more important for advertisers and page views and clicks is no longer reliable metrics for measuring the effect of your eAD. Time spent on a site may be more important for advertisers.

    The new technologies around AJAX and Web Services will play an important part in getting surfers stay on you site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kgun
    The new technologies around AJAX and Web Services will play an important part in getting surfers stay on you site.
    Sure it will. Most of the top websites (Technorati, Google, Yahoo!) uses AJAX at many places on their website to simplify and interact with users.

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