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    Angry Why HomeStead Service SUCKS!!!!

    Hello All:
    I was hired to create a website for someone recently and I just needed a post on this forum as to why this service called "HomeStead" sucks so bad.

    I am going to list the reasons and let it just be be continued that if anyone would like to contribute go for it.

    If there are enough, I might make a site called, just for kicks.

    1. They use a propriety language that only the people at HomeStead know called SSML. (not the voice over IP language) with little or no instruction on this language leaving you to read it all in thier handy 40 chapter manual.

    2. Overpriced - Paying thier design team $100 a pop to do some simple tasks to the site that you already pay $89 for hosting for is outrageous.

    3. The back room administrator is riddled with JS errors when it opens from time to time. With that happening, the site does not update properly.

    4. Slow bandwidth makes uploading images a death march. You wonder why you are sitting there after a while. Like oh right, i was uploading ONE IMAGE AT A TIME......sheesh..

    5. Support..... HA! go that 1-800 # they have after sign up. You will find very quickly that you know more than them 99% of the time.

    Well not as many as I thought but thanks for letting me vent and please add to the list if you have experienced this crappy service.


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    I built my first website with Homestead, back when it was free.. how time flys.


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