Let me apologise now I've simmered down, to the vast majority of people reading this who are neither lazy, arrogant or complacent.

I have disability myself, and my ire was raised at being told I'm not normal, should not have had the money wasted on educating me to get a first class degree, that the internet is not for me, and the like.

I'm lucky to have a good income, and I spend a lot of it online. All my xmas presents, groceries for a family of four, all my books, music, an iPod. And I can't buy it from you if you won't let me resize your text or force me to click on tiny (or moving) targets with a mouse.

Unless you're doing something really evil, like offering internet-only discounts but locking me out, I won't email you and tell you, because you either don't respond, or sound like many in this thread and don't want my money anyway.

That's your choice and I congratulate you on having a business (or clients so rich) that you can afford to turn my money down. But if you'd post the secret of how you got so rich you can afford to ignore 10% of the population, I'm sure we'd all be fascinated to read it.