While designing my new site I started to think about the css for links.

Doesnít everybody hate when clicking on a link and in the same second find out thatís it leading to a PDF. Waiting... waiting... waiting... finally acrobat is loaded.

Or clicking on a mailto link when your only using web based email thinking the "contact us" link would lead to a contact form. Waiting... waiting... waiting... finally outlook is loaded, now I need to close it login to my web mail and go from there.

Or when you click a link without knowing it would redirect you to another website.

Well anyway, trying to browse my site the way my visitors will and trying to see it from their perspective i found out even my own site have poor href's.

I would like to have you all come with examples and comments on how to design good links. I don't think the user should have to mouse over the link to figure out where it's leading. And sometimes thatís not even possible considering the fact that many sites is using server side pages to redirect visitors and so on.

This is a pretty good design
Scroll down and you will se a PDF-icon on all links pointing to a PDF-file.
On the other pages you can also see a ZIP-icon for links pointing to a zip-archive.

I would love to see more examples, thatís the only one I could find right now.