For the Best SEO, Google Says Think Text

Josh Catone

Even though a recent Google gadget has provided us a potential glimpse at Google’s future video indexing technology, and even though both Google and Yahoo! are working with Adobe to get better at indexing the textual content within Flash movie files, for proper search optimization, thinking about your text is still king. According to Adam Lasnik, who is a Search Evangelist at Google, webmasters really need to focus on their text content to make their sites visible to Google and accessible to all users. has a short video up with Lasnik, in which the Googler talks about SEO and accessibility. Lasnik spends much of the video talking about Google’s efforts working with Adobe to index Flash content, and says that even though Google is making strides in indexing rich media content like Flash, videos, and photos, webmasters need to think about text as the “primary means of communicating.”

Andy Plesser of says the key takeaway from what Lasnik says is that rich media publishers should always use descriptive text around their rich content.

This isn’t ground breaking stuff — anyone interested in building accessible web sites should already be concerned with making sure their text content and descriptive tags are up to snuff — but it is short and worth the watch. And if you’ll recall, last month we called the announcement that Google was working with Adobe to index Flash content a PR disaster for the company, so Lasnik’s video is perhaps a small salve on that public relations wound.

The video is embedded below.