By Sam Deering

Flowplayer remove play again button

By Sam Deering

This is how you can remove the Flowplayer play again button. Useful when playing live streams which have an autoplay setup.


This is the setup to remove the button.


    opacity: 0.0,
    label: null, // label text; by default there is no text
    replayLabel: null, // label text at end of video clip

onFinish: function()
{; //auto replay clip
  • krishna

    Although i did that i was unable to remove the “play again” button.Could you please help me in this?

    • that code above should work, have you a link to your code? What html are you using? Does it have a containing div or is it just a hyperlink.


  • Hi, what file are you adding/amending this code to? I am using the Flowplayer plugin for wordpress. I’m reading various conflicting reports as to whether or not this is even possible as its something compiled into the flash files, rather than being something we can edit. I’ve tried amending a number of php files, but with no success. If you know specifically how to remove this flippin play again image i will be forever in your debt!! I’ve wasted the best part of a day researching and testing. I’m at that point where i just want to go to bed ! :)

    • Hi James, the code above is added to the player object like so: I’ve included an example of the HTML used also might help with the removal of that play button!

  • Salafi

    Hi i want to give margin left to big play button…any idea????

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