Example Flikr API JSON File

By Sam Deering

This is an example of a Flikr JSON file which you might see when you use the Flikr API to access photo or user information. This can be easily shared across components using the simple JSON format.

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    "title": "Talk On Travel Pool",
    "link": "",
    "description": "Travel and vacation photos from around the world.",
    "modified": "2009-02-02T11:10:27Z",
    "generator": "",
    "items": [
            "title": "View from the hotel",
            "link": "",
            "media": {"m":""},
            "date_taken": "2008-12-04T04:43:03-08:00",
            "description": "

Talk On Travel< /a> has added a photo to the pool:< /p>

View from the hotel< /a>< /p> ", "published": "2008-12-04T12:43:03Z", "author": " (Talk On Travel)", "author_id": "33112458@N08", "tags": "spain dolphins tenerife canaries lagomera aqualand playadelasamericas junglepark losgigantos loscristines talkontravel" } ] })

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